What can a guy do to make his girlfriend love him more than ever before?

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There is no golden rule for relationships, as all people are different and what works for some couples does not work for others. However, certain things are inherent to all people. Such as their basic needs. Most women experience a deep need in love and care. If you can touch her heart and make her feel special, loved and cherished, you can win her over forever. How can you do it? Take time to spend with her, talk to her, let her pour her heart out. Give her gifts and your attention. Hardly any girl can stand such things and remain indifferent. Unfortunately only few men are willing to do such simple but valuable things for their women. READ ALSO: How to Seduce a Girl: Top 10 Incredible Tips for Nigerian guys here https://ask.naij.com/love-and-relations/how-to-seduce-a-girl-top-10-incredible-tips-for-nigerian-guys-i23519.html.

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