Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: is his wife back?

Has Pastor Chris Oyakhilome got his wife Anita back? Find out now.

This pastor and his wife have been involved in one of the loudest scandals in Nigeria. Chris Oyakhilome is the overseer of the Christ Embassy. His wife Anita Ebhodaghe has left him and moved to UK to pastor her own church. Is the couple again together now?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Are the rumors of Oyakhilome family reuniting true?

Presently we see many posts on social media discussing the possibility of reuniting of this pastoral couple and the ex-wife coming back to her husband. Many of the people who attend the church would love to have it that way. However, Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe definitely says “no” to such a possibility.

Earlier this year Anita  stated that her ex-husband married another woman, who is a clergy at his church. And since that time she no more calls herself Oyakhilome. Unfortunately all such rumors of the family getting reconciled are false. They still cannot come to an agreement and stay in different countries.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wife back?

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Sadly that divorce is taking place in the church of God and even among notable ministers, pastors and evangelists.

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