please my lovely people why young men are not marring ?

is it because of no love or money?

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silly girl does not understand why the man is not going to marry, and continues to believe that the marriage will take place.

What are the reasons for such a situation? This is usually:

Financial failure

Men want a family created out of nowhere. Not all of them nowadays have good earnings and are confident in the future. Here and fear our bachelors to ensure his wife and future children as it should be will not work;

The desire for freedom

In this case, a man often willing to live in a civil marriage, but to formalize the relationship is in no hurry. He doesn't want to marry, because he believes that real family bind him hand and foot. And cohabitation is not binding;

Ban parents

Even if a guy and a girl meet for a long time, his parents may oppose their marriage. This happens often because of the housing issue, due to the fact that actually a girl they don't love or mom and dad guy believe that he has not yet reached families, and so on;

Fear of responsibility

Any man understands that family is a big responsibility. And after marriage he will have to answer not only for themselves but also for others. Therefore, to have something to deny themselves;

Fear of loss of choice

While people are just Dating or living in a civil marriage, a man believes that he has the right to choose. And maybe if something starts to oppress the existing relationship, they easily break. The stamp in the passport severely limits his actions.


I think its Best known to them..

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