Question :-what is love and explain in details ? ( 20 marks)

Question :-what is love and explain in details ? ( 20 marks)Answers frm diff students:Commerce Student.......Answer: Love is life. (marks : 5 out of 20 )Law Student......Answer : Love is pain. ( marks : 3 out of 20 )Eng. Student......Answer : Love Khuda hai. ( marks : 2 out of 20 )Biochemistry Student........Answer :.... . - Definition:A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men & women that can cause death of 1 or both depending on the metabolic enzyme activation or resistance associated -TYPES:1 sided & 2 sided whch is usually base on whch emotional substrate dat binds 1st @ d active or allosteric site of d heart multiple co-enzymes.AGE:Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age, most especially those who are biochemically & enzymatically associated with their love ligand -protein.SYMPTOMS:Conformational chg due 2 detachment frm d initial male-female cmplx, just lik d enzyme-substrate complexTensionDaydreamingInsomniaPhone Addiction -CLINICAL/BIOCHEMICAL DIAGNOSIS.Insomnia related to impaired function of the heart asevidenced by pt addiction to phone at night, as a result, a wrong signal is sent which leads 2d release & activation of an alloenzyme & enzyme analoque -DIAGNOSIS BY:DiaryPhotosMobile -TREATMENT:Anti-LOVE therapy by Father's Shoeor Mother's Sandal or spiritual cleansing or staying glue 2 ur biochemistry textbooks, depending on d affected inborn error in d specific enzymatic/compartmentalized metabolism of love ......(marks 20 out of 20 ) Excellent !! ______________________ NOTE :-Don't ask biochemistry students ,They can stretch any thing for 20 marks !!

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