Relationship advice: 5 signs they get dysfunctional

How to tell if your relationship is dysfunctional? Learn these 5 sure signs.

Relationship advice

If you ask people what makes them the happiest or what gives them much trouble in their lives, most of them would tell you: it’s the relationship. You fall in love and become so happy, but then trouble comes, you start quarreling or relationships fall apart and you feel so miserable! How do you tell if your partnership is dysfunctional? Take this relationship advice!

Relationship advice: what are the signs of being dysfunctional in your love life?

Some people call this situation a bad marriage, others say: things just do not work out for us. But no one is happy to be in dysfunctional relationship. Giving a clear definition to it is hard, but possible. If you have these 5 things happening, you might be in trouble!

  1. Being miserable
    Misery in relationship is one of the first signs that something goes wrong. Surely, there are some people who are generally unhappy. It’s their normal style of life. However, if you are a generally happy person and face misery, you should stop and analyze things. What is causing it?
    May be your partner fails to understand you and you do not get them? Maybe your basic needs and desires are not met? Many a time we tend to make excuses for the people we love. Instead of stopping and trying to deal with the problem, we cover it up. What happens next: it grows! It’s like a snow ball. The bigger it gets, the faster it grows! So, pay attention to yourself and your general state of mind and soul.
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  2. You feel trapped
    When you just met them, you felt so happy. They brought in new things into your life, new solutions and opened up new horizons for you. But then things changed and now you feel cornered? It’s a sure sign of dysfunctional relations.
    At this stage you need help and relationship advice to fix things. Possibly, you two leave each other no personal space. You got mingled too much. Step aside, take some time to think things over and find a way out of the situation.
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  3. You constantly fight
    Calling each other names or other forms of verbal, emotional or possibly physical violence is a sigh of dysfunction. Things quickly get from bad to ugly. It’s time to stop and at least get some relationship advice. You may even want to separate for a time to sort things out and chill out. Obviously you both lost respect for each other and instead of being together for love; you are together because you have to or for some other reasons.

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  4. Power struggle
    We all have power: power to make decisions, to change things, to create the environment for life. Sometimes relationship becomes imbalanced and we lose that power. It makes us unhappy and leads to struggle. Regaining the power to manage your own life is essential. You had that before you got into the relationship. And each spouse should retain some measure of freedom in decisions and power in their life.
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  5. You can’t be yourself
    We all have expectations. In family they may come from your parents and the past patterns. His family may have a very different lifestyle and approach to relationship. And he or she may follow those patterns not letting you be yourself. That’s what makes marriage a hard work. You two need to get help and sort things out to come up with your own unique rules and style of life, when each of you can be yourself without losing the identity.

As you see, these signs are clear. If you have even one or two of them, stop and think. Get help and counseling to solve the problems, instead of coving them up and escalading!

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