Sex marathon: how it killed the airport worker

Can sex kill? Find out why the man is dead after having intimacy with his lover.

Can sex kill

Can sex kill?

The answer to this question provided one of the airport staff, who allegedly died after the marathon with his lover.

This man worked at Murtala Muhammed airport. He was found dead in his lover’s house. She reported the two had sex marathon and it killed the guy named Sikiru Olanrewaju. The man was married and had two children.

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sex deth

His affair cost him life, as sin kills. Obviously he had not enough sex at home to seek it from the side chick. Her name is unknown yet. He was a clearing agent. He left home and went to visit his lover in Lagos. There he died after the sex marathon.

The man was just 37 years of age. No trace of violence is found on his body. So, for now it’s quite possible that the man head heart or other health troubles from having too much sex.

The two of them ate and then got busy. The woman woke up at 5 in the morning and found that the man did not respond to her. The man is dead and it seems like sex has killed him!

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