Sex questions to ask a girl, what are they?

Have you ever thought of intimate questions to ask your girl? If you have and you haven’t done it yet, it’s about time! Find more in the article!

sex questions

Sex is an essential part of relationships. Talking about sex is every partner’s duty, as you have to be maximally open with someone you love in everything that exists in your common life. That’s why sometimes you have to ensure that everything goes well in your sex life.
Moreover, in the start of the relations sex talks and sex questions may heat up the intimate situation.

Here are some of the sex questions to ask a girl.

Are you satisfied in bed?

sex questions bed

If you start to feel that something goes wrong in your sex life, that’s the first question to ask your girl. If you don’t, nothing will change and in some time you will have to face some serious issues.
Being honest is the first step to reach understanding in relationships. So don’t ever be afraid to ask something like that. Many men are just too humble or proud for this question, but if to consider it as an essential challenge to yourself, maybe things will get easier.

Would you like to try something new?

sex questions something new

This question is for the couples who have been together for a long time. Being in relations for a while, sex might become a kind of a routine. You perfectly know each other but intercourse is like a game you’re playing again and again, and scenario remains the same.
Or it’s like a dish you like. You can eat every day, and with time, it will lose what was so special about it. So try something new, and of course, ask your partner at first. Some people even visit sex psychologists or read a literature dedicated to sex issues in relationship. However, defining something new that you both might like is possible without those things.

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Who was your last partner?

sex questions last partner

It should not seem jealousy. First of all, that’s the question everyone asks sooner or later. You have to know the circumstances of your girl’s last experience. Face it, it is something you really want know.
Also, you have to make sure that everything is ok with her health. So don’t be afraid to find out who was her ex-boyfriend.

What I should improve in myself?

sex questions couple

When you love someone, you try to get better not only at things you do, but in your body. She will probably answer that she likes you the way you are. However, if you try well, she will tell what things about could have been better. Do not take it as an offense. Sometimes, she might have an issue with a hair on your chest or she will tell that you should go to gym etc. There is nothing bad if you will improve yourself for someone you love.
Anyway, when you will get better, she will do her best to correspond to you with the same.

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