Sex tips: How to make a girl squirt?

Dream to make a woman squirt? Or you are a girl who wishes to try it? How to do it? What to start with? You’ll find the best sex tips for him and for her here! Squirt will not be a dream anymore!

term squirt

The term ‘squirt’ refers to the release of specific transparent white liquid in a volume of 15-45 ml of the vagina at the time of orgasm, or before it. This is squirt meaning. Synonyms are ‘squirting’ and ‘female ejaculation’.

Disputes over squirt exist for a long time. Is there any female ejaculation or not? Of course, how to make a girl squirt? Why is it similar to the urine? How to achieve squirt yourself? What are the best sex tips? On all these issues we have answers here.

Point G: myth or reality?

Point G

Currently there is a popular view that the vaginal walls are not an erogenous zone at all. However, in the vagina, there is one really amazing place - it is the so-called point G. The stimulation of this cluster of nerve leads to orgasm. G point is located on the front wall of the vagina to a depth of 5-7 cm.

During the G-spot stimulation, a lot of women have that female ejaculation, which we want.

Women, who often experience ejaculation, often hesitate to such manifestations; thinking it is involuntary urination. In fact, this is a common and normal physiological phenomenon.

Points U, A and the K: new about the female orgasm: the search for the point G is the issue of the last century. Scientists have discovered that the stimulation of the female point U, A and K also gives breathtaking experience. 

Women's Prostate Gland

Women's Prostate Gland

Modern scientists explain female ejaculation as the phenomenon of so-called presence Skene glands, which are located at the anterior vaginal wall around the lower end of the urethra. They are also referred to vestibular small, lacunar glands, U-point or female prostate. The glands open into the urethra near its external opening.

It appears that women outputs not only urine. In specialized lacunar Skene glands under the influence of stimulation an allocation of a secret appears. It has an alkaline reaction, chemically similar to well-known male seminal fluid.

The literature describes an experiment, where a woman was injected with a special bright dye and two hours later she reached orgasm by stimulating point G. There was a large amount of fluid and it was not colored. At the same time when she was urinating immediately after orgasm she deduced the bright color of urine.

How to reach squirt yourself? 5 stages

How to reach squirt yourself

As a gynecologist, and a woman I am absolutely convinced that achieving any orgasm (squirt with or without it) - it's not a gift of God, but your daily hard work, which is rewarded with divine gift!

Stage 1. Love yourself! Each way to explore your sexuality begins with self-love. Love yourself for who you really are, love your feminine part. Unfortunately, most women treat their bodies with irritation and even  anxiety. Allow yourself being yourself. Every girl's body has its own unique beauty. So praise your body! And the way to orgasm with a so desirable squirt would be open for you!

Stage 2. Comprehend your sexuality: masturbation. In our 'shy' past, it was believed that masturbation is a perversion. At that time the sex did not ‘exist’. Therefore, several generations of women had been deprived of a wonderful opportunity to comprehend their sexuality and, of course,  orgasm. Squirt, of couse, would have been regarded as your perversion.

reach squirt yourself

Nowadays sex and masturbation have already been rehabilitated. But the trail of the past stretches to the present day. We will overcome this ‘curse’ of past generations and tear all the bonds of prejudice, which are leading us to anorgasmia! In order to reach orgasm and squirt, you must get acquainted with yourselves, to master all their erogenous zones.

Stage 3. Clitoris is our everything! And in order to reach squirt, we must learn to reach any orgasm at all. A simple way to reach an orgasm is to stimulate the clitoris. Clitoral orgasm is the most affordable of the all existing kinds of sexual release. Learn how to get it in any way, first alone, then during sex with a man, further impacting your sexual organ.

Stage 4. Experiment with a vibrator or sex toys. For the development of vaginal sensitivity, it is important to use the discovery of new erogenous zones, increasing the sensitivity of the G zone it is also recommend to buy a vibrator. You can try to combine clitoral stimulation and the vibrator. Together they resemble an exploded bomb! Experiment!

woman in bed

Stimulating the G-spot with your vibrator, you will learn how to get a new experience, to distinguish them from the clitoral one and soon you can concentrate on them to get isolated orgasm from G-spot and squirt.

Stage 5. G-massage, which will be performed by man. Squirt is the result of some joint actions of men and women. Suggest your boyfriend to make you massage of the point G. As we said previously, it is located on the front wall of the vagina and is a cluster of nerve endings. How do I know that it was it? During the G-spot stimulation the inconspicuous spot quickly turns into a thick pea.

How to make a girl squirt? Tips for men

1. G-spot

women's G-spot

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 To make a female ejaculate (squirt), a man must intensively work on increasing of ‘pea’. He can encourage it in any way: make circular, twitching movements. The strong impact is also acceptable.

A woman should concentrate on the sensations emanating from the point of G. Sometimes they are similar to the urge to urinate, since this area is located near the urethra.

The man continues to drive your wonderful mound. You, meanwhile, may further stimulate the clitoris. But sensations coming from the G-band are stronger. Do not stop when you feel the approach of orgasm: due to the stimulation of G-Zone, you will feel that you have going on involuntary urination. Do not worry: a whitish liquid is not urine.

2. A-spot

women's A-spot

11% of women have it.

Find: Put your fingers ‘inside’. Move along the front wall of the vagina, the cervix is not reached yet. Directly in front of it and you can feel your spot A. Move your finger on this area from left to right, simulating the movement of the wiper on the windshield. Feel seal with some spongy surface with your finger? So, you have not reached your destination, and the thing you meet along the way is point G (imagine it, you’ve found it). Remember this place, and then go frorward for another couple of centimeters deep, to the point A.

point A

Awake it: ‘Vagina only responds to pressure or movement, just reaching the desired location, and freeze there will not be enough,’ - sex therapist, Dr. Jennifer Berman, says with conviction. Proceed as follows: use the grease, do not forget about the long prelude, and then apply the method to ‘hook and pull’: reach for the point A with the fingertip, just click on the ‘button’ and lead a thumbs up to the entrance. If the fingers are too short, use the tip of a long, curved sex toy.

3. O-spot

O-spot of women

8% of women have it.

Find: so you have found her G spot? The case is done? Now turn the finger touch the opposite wall and move a little bit deeper, until you feel spongy area on the rear wall of the vagina. Hello, this is the spot O! It is good in itself, (ask your partner how she likes it?) and as an allusion to the further development of relations. Your girlfriend refused anal sex? Stimulation of O will affect the walls of the anus (which has a lot of nerve endings). It will be the moment when she understands what pleasure she deprives herself. And if she does not sort out her feelings, you'd better tell her it.

Awake it: When she is excited (you'll know it by the number of lubrication), try the technique of ‘hook and pull’ on the points O and G simultaneously. Lay down your hands back to back to each other, with one palm facing up and the other down. Then put into the vagina, both index fingers, so you will be able to stimulate and front and back walls of the vagina. They say, it's pretty fast way to present her orgasm, so you still have time to read a book at night. A simpler option: rhythmically presses the point O, as if stroking it.

4. Cervix

woman during orgasm

It is susceptible in 7.5% of female bodies.

Find: with deep penetration (if nature has generously endowed you) you can reach the neck of her womb with your penis. ‘Feels like you're touching the tip of the nose’ – a sexologist Lisa Masterson from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles) is not very romantic, but very specific. Most women have the cervix located at a depth of 8,9-11,4 cm, but it’s when the lady is not even excited. Keep in mind: when the sexual organs get surging blood, cervix moves deeper into the body. But you will still be able to reach it.

couple in shower

Awake it: follow her menstrual cycle: during the time of ovulation (usually 13-16 days from the start of the last menstrual period) cervical stimulation is particularly pleasant. Move around this area with one or two fingers (or what you put in there?), and when you touch the neck, softly and gently push. If you have not enough long fingers, you can use a vibrator with a big head.

5. The pelvic floor muscles

woman, having orgasm

12% of women use them to get an orgasm

Find: well, the ones that surround the vagina. Of course, you cannot touch them. But you have certainly seen them at work: woman, having orgasm, has the contraction of these muscles. Note: the study, carried out in Brazil in 2014, found that young women with a strong pelvic floor muscles often reach orgasm. Why? If these muscles are in good shape, they can be reduced during sex tirelessly, pushing it to discharge. Help your girlfriend or wife to train the invisible muscles.

Awake it: your girl probably already knows the most effective way - Kegel exercises. A woman should try the different ones. Buy a set of vaginal balls; it will be your fitness equipment. Put some lubricant on one, fit it inside the vagina of a partner and look, whether she will be able to keep the ball inside the muscle force. Then add the second. The balls are not only excited, but also strengthen her muscles and stimulate the point G.

Women's orgasm

Congratulations: you've reached the female ejaculation! You see the squirt girl!

Squirt and gives women and men the unusual sensation during intimacy. But do not let it become your goal. Get pleasure from sex, always strive to multiple orgasm, experiment, and squirt will not hesitate to visit you! Make love!

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