Sex with your ex: 3 reasons why it is a bad idea?

Thinking of having sex with your ex? Think twice! Get the 3 top reasons why you should not do it!

Getting over a breakup is not an easy thing. But once you do, you start the life all over again and get new prospective and opportunities. Should you really go back and have sex with your ex boyfriend or ex husband? That is what we will be dealing with now.

sex with your ex

3 reasons not to have sex with ex

Surely you can think of some of the pros of having sex with ex, but they all seem to have significant downsides. Let’s see what you can avoid by staying away from such sexual experience.

  1. No pain, no gain
    no sex with ex

    Well, in our case having sex with your ex can lead to a lot of pain with no gain at all! Just think of all the reasons you broke up. Surely you had tons of them. Yes, he or she might have been real good in bed, but they had other significant shortcomings, which caused you to leave them. So, why bring back all that pain? And it is inevitable; if you start having sex with your ex.
    Sex is emotional. It cannot possibly revolve only around the pleasure. You get the pleasure, but you get the pain alongside with it. The question to ask is this: how much am I going to hurt afterwards? It is worth it?
  2. Immorality
    why not have sex with ex

    Well, your ex is your ex, even if you have sex with your ex husband, that is immoral. Your marriage is over. He used to be your husband or your wife. Now they are just strangers to you. If you are a church goer, that is sin. There is nothing to add to that. Sexual satisfaction and fun come in one package with commitment, marital loyalty and problems. Think of that before jumping into bed with your ex.
  3. Health concerns
    sex with ex boyfriend

    You used to know the person well and the keyword here is “used”. It is the past tense. You know them no longer. They might have been doing all kinds of crazy things and sleeping with all kinds of people. If you have sex with your ex, you should be prepared for some possible health consequences, such as getting STDs and sex superbug. Later on you would spend your time and money on medicine and treatment. Again the question is: is it worth it?

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Can sex get your ex back?

get ex back

That is one reason why many people have sex with ex. They just hope to get him or her back. It is one of the dumbest things you could do. In the first place, sex did not make them stick with you. Why do you think it can bring them back now? It has no such power and the cases when the ex comes back for good are rare.

To sum it up we should say that the reasons not to have sex with ex are more valid than all the others. Share your experience and the lessons you’ve learned. 


I've always said and say that "a broken bowl does not stick together, they do not try," it is this crack will always stick out in front of his eyes. And anyway, why go back to the ex-boyfriend or husband? This is done out of desperation? I never knew such people, and probably do not understand. You must forget the past, to turn the page and release the person, because if you do not let go - will not meet the new. And seek the support and consolation from the former / second lover / second - this is for me a very very silly idea that could lead to even more confusion in your life.

Answered 1 year ago.

Well, to some extent, I agree with this article . In principle , this is not right , if you break up with someone , you need to leave time for good and forever. But there are also times when you just want sex . And who , if after parting was not a relationship? Search for the street a passerby or ordered the boy for one night ? Or endure until will attain the new guy ? As for me , in this case it is better to call a former boyfriend . After all, as they say , sex friendship has not been canceled , is not it?

Answered 1 year ago.

Why do people have sex with former partners? The reasons may be different. Sometimes sex is just sex: there's nothing wrong with that man wants to have sex, it is a natural desire of the body. And after a breakup, not everyone is ready for a new relationship. The former becomes a logical choice: you have a mutual attraction, he knows how to give you pleasure. So why not to have sex if you both it's nice and you both don't want anything more? However, there is this relationship and cons. If someone of you still have feelings for him the sex will attempt to resume the relationship. In addition, having sex with an ex will not allow you to fully let him go and start a new relationship: why move on and find a new man if you have good sex? That's just such relations cannot be considered full, it's kind of a simplified version of the physical intimacy without the emotional. Sooner or later you will get tired of it and realize how much lost time.

Answered 1 year ago.
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