Should you make out on the first date?

A kiss is not just a gesture of appreciation and sympathy. Is a dormant volcano which may at any moment wake up and overwhelm the flow of passion and uncontrolled emotions. Nowadays none hardly will judge you for being too "easy" in behavior. Therefore, the decision to kiss or not to kiss on the first date depends only on you.

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There are several groups of people with different opinions on kissing on the first date. 


The first group is seekers of a thrill for whom such action is something like a source of adrenaline, drive, and rush of new sensations. Usually, they are impulsive, very sexual, and passionate people. Kiss on the first date is part of their search for excitement. It brings them energy and causes the release of endorphins – the hormone of happiness. Their emotions overflowed them, and even dizziness occurs. They aren`t rude person, looking only for sex and nothing more. On the contrary, they are romantics, who can appreciate the feelings and enjoy them to the fullest.

kiss on the first date

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Another group of people is those who need time to get to know the person better. They need a sense of trust to the partner, who was standing before them.  As soon as they trust him completely – they can allow their partner the possibility of intimacy (whether kissing or sex). Such people are romantic nature, shy by nature, but sensitive, tender, who sincerely believe in pure and genuine love and looking for it until you find. They are very suspicious and won`t trust someone unless they are confident that this person will spend a lot of time with them, not just one night. They never show initiative regarding kiss or sex on the first date. If it makes their partner, they dislike such behavior. It often scares them and doesn`t allow the relationship to continue.

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And the third type is "hunters." They are always irresistible and able to pick the key to anyone. The kiss on the first date for them – it's a trophy, deserved in the battle. Hunters can be a different gender, but they have one thing in common – the ability to break hearts. They prefer in love "fighting without rules," where most often come out winners. Usually, kissing on the first date is not limited to such people.
It depends only on you how to behave yourself on the first date. Nowadays the vast majority of relationships arise through online communication. If you were texting a few weeks with someone, exchanged pictures, talked on the phone, therefore, you probably feel you know this person for many years. And when you see him for the first time in real life, in fact, it isn`t the first date. After all, you already know this person better than many of those who just randomly met on the subway or in the club. In this case, a kiss is possible, and even necessary action,  as a sign that you liked each other.
Kiss on the first date can have a different sense and can be caused by a variety of aspirations. For some, it is the satisfaction of sexual hunger and passion to a new person, for others it is a real adventure and even test. There are those for whom a kiss is just a mundane technicality, “chemistry of feelings,” and nothing special. The truth is usually as long as this person does not fall in love for real.


What should be a kiss on the first date?

Some people consider it`s as a rule, to kiss on the first date, but under certain conditions. They attach great importance to the kinds of kisses. Therefore, they consider it`s appropriate to divide them and use in different ways in different situations.

  • Kiss on the cheek is a friendly gesture. It does not necessarily make you blush or at least smile. A kiss on the cheek can mean a friendly "goodbye," but some are very romantic person manage to take it over, "I love you." Although, sometimes it can be true.
  • Kiss on the neck is usually always an intimate gesture. It cannot be taken in any way other than "I want to continue the relationship." He can be timid, cautious, passionate or sudden, but it's always an indicator of sexual desire.
  • Kiss on the lips is a quick kiss means that you are completely infatuated with your partner and he wants to see you again and again. It gives hope to continue the relationship.
  • A passionate kiss with a tongue is a hot, long, thrilling gesture, often being a prelude to sex. You will not be able to resist him. It is the first chance for your relationship to reach a new level. It is typical of impulse and passion person. Such kiss causes a storm of emotions and adrenaline rush. It's a real drug for many, the dependence on which is not treated by anything and never.

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The opinion of women

Most girls by nature are the true romantics. Going for the first date with the man they give to time a special significance, believe in the sincerity of feelings and make plans for the future.
Before, to make a good impression, girls had no idea about first kisses. However, this decision depends only on you and your principles.

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The opinion of men

If a girl likes boy, he will kiss her regardless of which account they're on a date. Wait until the second date anyone wants because after the first date you had lots of overwhelmed feelings, and it`s hard to hold them.

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But in fact, most men more like those girls who still not allowed kissing themselves at the first meeting or conning for this cheek.

So, to kiss or not on the first date depends only on you. It`s recommended to listen to your feelings, whether you like the person with whom you spent time. If you are reluctant to communicate with him, don't waste yourself on him, and wait for a more suitable candidate.

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