Simi and Falz: are they dating?

Is Simi dating famous Nigerian comic Falz? Find out the whole story now.

Once you see this couple on the stage, you begin to wonder: are they together in life, too? Simi and Falz the BahdGuyzlook so romantic and hot together. The new popular music star Simi seems to have some chemistry going with the famous comedy actor from Nigerian Nollywood.

Simi and Falz 2016

Is there more than just music between Falz and Simi?

At the first glance, it seems there is. Fans buzz about them being in relationships. Over the last months, they have been seen working on several projects together. Besides doing music we have seen them on magazine covers and in videos together.

Simi 2016

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The chemistry is obviously there, but is it a romantic one? Simisola Ogunleye said in several interviews that she has a boyfriend. And Falz confirmed that information and added that he was not the one. He said that the chemistry is there only to create music, but nothing more. Simi dates someone else and what they have together is just work.

 Falz 2016

What looks like love on the stage is not there in real life. Simi and Falz are professionals and they both have the passion for what they do. They get along well working together and fit well on the stage, but there is no romance between the two in life. That’s the whole story. 

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