The 70% Of Single Black Women Don't Apply To Nigerian Women In The Us?

or Nigerian American women

Most Nigerian women are married.

There only like 1% of Nigerian ( total amount) in American and 12% of American blacks in American. Nigerian women are half of that.

This statics do not apply to Nigerian women

It the same thing like saying since the majority black men in the US are in prison, uneducated, bad fathers, just sleep around, etc. Then, most NIGERIAN MEN in the US are too.

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This links shows that African American are like 12.38 % of the population 37 million.


It is less than 1%.

African Americans are 12% of the population in the US

There is always going to be single women in every race.

However, African American women far outnumber Nigerian women in the US.

This really is a statics predominately representative of African American women

I not looking down on African American women

African American women need to date outside their race but many are reluctant to. This is the major reason why many are single.

Once they do that, I sure the numbers will drop.


Please post the link for your findings. I would love to read that article, as it appears most of the ones I know of in Baltimore and DC are unmarried and messing with married men.

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