Top 20 flirt SMS for women

What is flirting? Some consider it is one of the ways of seduction, someone thinks it's an inappropriate behavior option for a decent woman, someone is sure that flirting is a constant component of the relationship between man and woman.


Right, probably all. Because, in fact, flirting can be successfully applied for seduction and for refreshment relationship. And once it was considered immoral behavior attribute of ladies who not only perfectly knew the rules of flirting, but they masterfully owned.

Flirt nowadays has become almost a type of art based on - our innermost desires and fantasies. It is a form of behavior that is expressed in coquetry, flirtation, courtship ... In short, in particular, the manifestation of interest in the opposite sex. A woman who knows the rules of flirting partying turns into an exciting game that consists of certain phrases, views, touch, gestures, compliments and even the scent of perfume.

Would you like?

The art of flirting is the ability to combine all components of seduction and apply a combination of the right time and the right place. After flirting requires his usual atmosphere. In business or too tense situation, it is pointless and can give a negative result. However, the same result can be obtained in the event that we do not quite follow simple rules flirting. What are they?

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The rules of flirting via SMS

Correspondence with loved ones - it is exciting and it is better to start when the head is not clogged thoughts about everyday problems. As for the rules of SMS flirting, they are approximate as follows:

1. Correspondence must include compliments and be easy, relaxed, joyful and romantic;

2. In correspondence with man is possible (and desirable) to use frivolous allusions and even quite a frank expression. Let dear send your photos in a bikini (and can not);

3. Passion virtual flirting should kindle gradually, sending morning almost innocent flirtatious messages during the day - Photos and evening - impatient, breathing passion phrase. If you follow this sequence evening people will rush home, forgetting about everything;

4. Letters must be conducted so that it pushed favorite reply to SMS-ing. Do not send several messages in a row without waiting for this answer. Inspired may pass, and the flow of eloquence exhausted. If the person still does not respond to the message, wait a bit better, perhaps, it is very busy. Everything has its time.

Isn't it cute?

Male and female flirt in our time has a distinct flavor of digital technology. We could not help catch ourselves thinking: "How much to put emoticons to type it was a joke, but he understood that I do not mind..?" - Well, etc.

That is why it is so important to write playful SMSes: so that joke, and in earnest, and easily, and with a hint.

And the top 5 of our effective phrases you in this very useful:

1.    "It would be great if you were currently near"

You clearly but delicately, giving to understand that you want to spend more time with him, to share his life and his experience. Moreover, the phrase can be used in the key: "It was great and I would like you to be currently near", and in the way: "It's horror as boring, but if you were there, I just would have been more fun."

2.    "Are you ready for a" date "? :-)

Read and do this

Yes, the smiley is mandatory and the word "date" take it in quotation marks, such as you jokingly call your usual meeting. But we know ... And in his subconscious, you are clearly laid down that you just date.

3.    Photos from the event + "There is a chance that you join me?"

It seems like you just show how cool here and offer a good time together. But in fact, the whole thing is not in place, and the company, right?

4.    "We so had a great time. Come like a repeat!"

Translated roughly as follows: "I can not stop thinking about you and I want to see each other more often and spend more time together." Having "Come on," rather than "Do you want" you eliminated some awkwardness between you and installs as if friendly relations.


5.    "How do you manage so cool ..." (and more compliments)

Well here is simple - men are very greedy for compliments!

Women also can use some strategies in flirting:

1.    Confident women

You show him that you confident in yourself and in the continuation of your relationship. Examples of phrases for SMS flirt:

  • "Liked :) I look forward to new invitations :)"
  • "I seem to have forgotten my eyes on you, take them back somewhen:)"
  • "You are pretty good, we can go on"
  • "I hope you’ll sleep well and I won’t disturb you in your dreams"!
  • "How did you sleep? In what dress you dreamed me "
  • "Is it you who visit my page in the VC 200 times? Oh, you liked me so :) "

An important point: behave confidently but do not do any proposals of next meeting.

How to flirt?

2.    The more I liked …

“It was cool. The more I liked when you put your arm around my waist at the exit of the cinema. I wonder what will happen next time? "

3.    Tease him

“If only you were here…”

4.    I want to know more information about you

"If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?" Or "What is the greatest foolishness you have done for the last 10 minutes?"

5.    Within temptation

You: "When we meet in the evening, I ..."

He: "What?"

You: "In the evening you’ll see;)"

Wish you luck! Don’t be afraid to flirt!

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