Unfaithful zodiac signs

Do you want to know if you can trust your loved one? Find out here!

Anyone who has been deceived by a loved one knows exactly how painful betrayals can be – you don’t want to experience it ever again. Astrologers found out the information about the most unfaithful zodiac signs and that there is a certain pattern that different people follow. For example, on the basis of personal characteristics of a person, some of the zodiac signs are a lot more likely to cheat on their loved ones than the others. Moreover, every single one of them has their reasons for it. Here are some explanations why certain people behave in a certain way and it will help you to know what you can expect from a new acquaintance?

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The most unfaithful zodiac signs are:


Keep your eyes open - these partners are very unstable and quite prudent. Their personality always leads to temptation which they are not able to resist. Representatives of this sign often need people who are interesting to talk to. They mostly use online dating sites, social networks and e-mail for flirting but they are sometimes not willing to communicate in real life. If you are an interesting person and can support Gemini morally and sexually then he is not going to cheat.



Another zodiac sign with a fairly low level of confidence is Cancer. The reasons for that are that they do not know what they want from life but they always need attention. Cancers are extremely insecure and sometimes cheating is the only way for them to keep their self-esteem on a high level. Moreover, they always blame their partner for the lack of attention, but they never want to accept their own fault. You can only be happy with Cancer if you are a really caring and kind person.

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Scorpio is one of the most passionate but completely unreliable lovers. He only wants to cheat because of the physiological needs. Therefore, one of the best ways to have a good relationship with a Scorpio is sex: the frequent, varied and different. In this way your partner will be incredibly loyal and he will be happy with you no matter what.



The most unpredictable of all the zodiac signs is Aquarius. Their desires are changing very fast - you never know what to expect from them the next moment. In addition those people can be easily distracted and this quality makes them not the most faithful partners. They can go for any crazy love affairs they wish. That’s why you should be very careful with them.


When it comes to Aries, the possibility of cheating is 50/50. On the one hand, they always keep their promises. However, they are always willing to take risks and go for adventures just to overcome their boredom. If Aries is going to cheat then most likely he is not experiencing enough memorable emotions and he feels no dynamics in his relationships. They are very active and if the partner is not able to maintain their rhythm they find it easy to move on without their loved one. In addition, Aries also need a lot of attention. They literally can’t live without it. You should always make comments on his physical affection and do everything you can to maintain your relationships exciting.

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However, don’t be upset. Not all the zodiac signs are the same!


Taurus is one of the most faithful companions for life. If such a man is in love, it's going to be forever. They really believe in "love to the grave". They have the feeling that they are the handsome princes in the fairy tales and they need their princesses. The only reason they can deceive is if they realize their partner is cheating on them. It will be a kind of revenge but they wouldn’t dare to do it in any other circumstances. Taurus always shows how much he cares about you and you can’t doubt his loyalty.

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Pisces is a dreamy water sign with a rich imagination. This is a fairly faithful partner that creates a special romantic atmosphere for every relationship. He always gets you the best gifts and is constantly looking for the ways to surprise you. The only thing that can change his mind is a boring relationship. You should always do something fun together!


The first place among the most faithful signs of the zodiac is Scorpio. By themselves, Scorpios are quite complex and people are constantly confused in their feelings. But, nevertheless, they always keep under control their feelings and emotions. We can say that this sign of the zodiac in relation inherent permanence.

According to most beautiful ladies, Leo is a loyal sign of the zodiac. Although, in fact, this predator is always looking for his next victim. But if his faithful daily companion repeats to him what he is beautiful, glorious and wonderful, sooner or later, graceful and dangerous lion became a domestic cat.

If you believe the polls conducted among the female half of the population, it is firmly possible to say that the most loyal are Capricorn. But then you need to immediately make a reservation that this sign of the zodiac and always calculates everything to the last detail. Want to, of course, hoped that the representatives of this sign really almost never change their lovely ladies.

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