Ways of chyking a Nigerian babe – best wooing lines

How do you go about chyking a girl in NIgeria? Get the best lines to use in toasting ladies on the street.

Many guys think about how to woo a hot Nigerian girl. Some of them just don't know what to begin with. We have collected for you ways, which will help you in the process of wooing.

Ways of chyking a Nigerian babe

  • If you want to woo a girl, do pleasant things to her, make non-standard acts causing positive emotions. Be original and creative. Surprise the girl with actions, not just words. When the girl doesn't know that to expect from you, it keeps her in a certain emotional pressure, and therefore, excites and tempts.
  • Be sure in yourself, responsible and witty. The sense of humor improves mood and reduces a distance. Toasting a girl without humor, flirtation and game is impossible. If the girl smiles and laughs, you are pleasant to her. That's why it will be much simpler to tempt the Nigerian babe.
    Be sure in yourself

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  • Learn fundamentals of female psychology, read couple of books about women and their desires, look at their forums. The girl likes to know that you think about her constantly. Describe the meetings in advance. Keep the girl informed of your plans.
  • Gain the confidence. The girl likes to feel that she is understood and appreciated. Chyking without trust is rough and short. The trust establishes proximity between two people.
    Gain the confidence
  • Appreciate yourself and your own time, don't allow the girl to play and manipulate you. If the girl understands that your intentions are serious, not children's game, she will treat you with respect, go for rapprochement quicker, and may want to tempt you herself.
  • Take care of nice look: a shaved face, clean clothes, a well-groomed body – all these things are the main wooing lines.
    Take care of nice look
  • Be honest and open. Speak about your feelings and desires even if you have no opportunity to realize them yet. Courage in conversation will cause respect for you. The sincerity will reduce a distance and will pull you together, so will open a way to a wooing.
  • Pay compliments to the girl: about her appearance, interests, views and acts. They raise girl's self-assessment. She becomes more courageous, surer, and your attempts to wooing are perceived by the girl not as impudence but as game continuation.
    Pay compliments to the girl
  • Girls love romanticism: the evening, candles, a bottle of wine, gentle pleasant music, poems about love, flowers, kisses and embraces – all this works as the activator and increase speed of seducing process.

Actually, there is nothing super difficult in chyking of Nigerian girl. If you win against the fear, you'll achieve success by all means.


Now is the time that the guys swapped roles with girls now uhazhuyut girls for boys, and the boys behave more pohlesche women. Now very little remains of these men who are able and know how to look after the girls. And this article is very useful for guys who have this is not oboznanye. Such articles often need the guys were able to stay until the end of men and to be able to surprise the beautiful girl. And as if the rules are not complicated, so why are so few real men. I probably would always be old-fashioned, but I will always appreciate virility.

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