What are best home-made pregnancy tests for Nigerian women?

Are you willing to become pregnant? But don’t have enough money for the pregnancy tests? Then this article with the pregnancy signs and home-made tests will be very useful for you!

pregnancy test

Pregnancy is not something new in our world. All women were getting pregnant and also giving birth for hundreds thousands of years. It’s certain that all this time they were trying to create different ways to detect their pregnancy in its earliest stages. The opportunities to go to the doctor or to buy an expensive pregnancy test in a pharmacy were not quite available to the ancient women. Some of the traditional methods, which they relied on, can luckily be used today.

Natural signs of pregnancy

a little baby

Maybe the most popular one is that pregnant women undergo different physical changes even in the beginning, in its initial stages. These are a few the most common indicators that can make them sure, the ladies are in the early stage of carrying a baby.

The first and, of course, most obvious pregnancy signs or pregnancy symptoms are connected with periods. For example, apparently missed or delayed or menstrual period. A pregnant women can also have a higher than usual body temperature and be sweating. The woman’s breasts and even nipples may feel tender or swollen. The frequency of passing urine is increased, there may be a regular feelings of nausea, called a ‘morning sickness’. There are different indications of pregnancy, however, most of women experience each of these symptoms.

So what test can we do at home if we have doubts? Let’s find out!

Toothpaste pregnancy test

white toothpaste

Toothpaste comes next to your pregnancy test list. You need the simple white one, not the cool fancy type with gel or different colored stripes. Only two things can happen indicating pregnancy when your urine is added. This white toothpaste can turn light blue, or it may begin to foam and froth. Both of these reactions are interpreted as your positive indication of pregnancy. However, unfortunately, there are no instructions of how much urine or toothpaste to use, or how long you should wait for a result. Also there is a tendency that the toothpaste froths in any case if it’s left in contact with the urine for long time, even when the lady is not pregnant. So you can use this test but it can be not very reliable.

Bleach pregnancy test

bleach use

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The plain household bleach can be found in almost every house, on the laundry shelf or under your kitchen sink, in order to whiten clothes, disinfection or stain removal. But now you can use this cheap item in extremely another way, instead of a pregnancy test. Just pour a few milliliters of bleach into a cup or something like this and then add some of your urine. Wait for a chemical reaction. If it begins foaming and fizzing, there is a possibility that you are pregnant. If there is no reaction at all it looks loke that you are not pregnant.

Sugar pregnancy test

white sugar

Another common and cheap household item, which can be used to detect pregnancy, is sugar. Add a couple of spoonsful of sugar into a bowl and pour your urine to it, or you can urinate straight onto the sugar. This time you should be looking for some formations of sugar clumps. If there are no sugar clumps it is a certain sign that you may be pregnant. If the liquid merely dissolves sugar when your urine is added, probably you are not pregnant.

Dandelion pregnancy test

dandelions and a kid

The presence of the dandelion leaves in the pregnancy tests has a huge history. It goes back to the centuries before when women were closely in touch with the natural world and the lore of flowers and herbs. It helped women to indicate their pregnancy. However, dandelion is a very common herb, you can find it in almost all gardens or parklands. It is better to choose dandelions leaves that are growing in the shade. When the contact with direct sun is prevented it’s better for the plant. So keep protecting the leaves from the direct sunlight after you gather them.

Put these leaves in any plastic container you have and add some early morning urine. You should soak them thoroughly. Go back 10 minutes after and check the signs up: if there are any reddish blisters on these leaves. The blisters are a certain indication of your pregnancy. At the same time, no reaction at all means no pregnancy.

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