What are common women's mistakes in relationships?

If your relationships with man are problematic, read this artikle and find answers to your questions.

Our relationship with men is an incredibly intricate and complex process. We all just can not understand each other, trying to change one another.  In a word, sometimes we do not know what to do. But for some reason we can not get the ball rolling.  Gender relations  never become predictable (do not take sex into account ), the number of marriages is not getting  strong, and living  happily with a spouse is still rare. Why? Because we, from generation to generation, are making the same mistakes.  What  women didn’t like about men some time ago?  Lack of attention and family duties neglect.  An what are they complaining about  today?  Again, the lack of attention from  the part of man, his laziness, inertia, infantilism. Women  complain and do not suspect that the reason for such behavior they give themselves . So what are ladies’ mistakes? Let's look at the most basic  women ’s errors in relationships with men.

The most common mistakes women in relationships

The first error. A woman becomes a man’s Mom and treats him like a child. She is all the time taking care of her Honey, solves all his problems, cackles over her beloved husband. This is an extremely dangerous a very common mistake for normal relations. Of course, often men really behave like children. They forget the house keys, and notebooks, do not know  where to find clean shirts and socks, they are poorly oriented in everyday matters. But it does not mean  that a woman  always must correct   an adult male steps.  In principle, this woman's behavior can be understood. From early childhood, she is prepared for motherhood . Growing up, she realizes her maternal essence. And, as a result,  a man actually turn into something like a little boy, totally dependent on the ever-present wife - mother.

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What to do?

Stop doing for man everything he must cope with himself. He asks, where are the keys? Do not immediately rush to look for them. Let find himself. He asked that he has put on today? There is no need to advise. Let him choose it himself .Do not  clean the mess. Yes, it will create  a chaos. But only at first. Treat a man as a man, you can always rely on . And try not to remind him of what he has to have  in mind. Sooner or later a sense of responsibility will be awaken. And the relationship will obtain a proper form of relationship between a man and a woman.

The second error. Woman sacrifices herself to the man, forgetting about her own interests. In this case, the choice becomes an idol. His every word is erected into a dogma, every gesture is awe.  A woman  gives up her dreams in order to realize his dream. A woman loses her face and becomes like a blank slate on which a men can write whatever they want. She hopes that her sacrifice would be appreciated. And the love of men will increase many times. Sometimes it happens, but rarely. Most often, the opposite thing happens. The man loses interest to his lady. Of course, this does not contribute into the strengthening of relations.

How to stop to sacrifice yourself?

First of all, you need to remember all the things you got rid off  in the name of love. This will help you to understand how much sacrifice is justified and whether it is necessary to behave in this way. Every day, keep in memory all your  former interests, aspirations, goals, and try to revive the emotions associated with them. Let them break out with a new force , reanimate your personality and that will strengthen relationship with a man.  Yes, relationships impose obligations. But this applies to both partners! And to take them should be voluntary, by mutual agreement. Intending to build a relationship, one should always bear in mind that your relationship  can be happy and strong only in the union of two full-fledged personalities. If one partner suppresses the other, or allows him to overwhelm yourself, nothing good usually comes out.

Third  error. A woman appreciates a man of his potential .That is, she loves the image of her man but not his real personality.  They do not want to to accept the fact that the man does not want to change, and desperately believe that one day, this small bird will become a proud eagle. And "small bird" can handle their savior rather badly. The woman should not forget that if a man wants to be a perfect man, he would become one without assistance. Sometimes women choose internally defective people to feel more confident.  Such is the peculiar way of self-affirmation - to love someone despite the fact that he really is.

How to avoid similar mistakes in the relationship?

To make a long story short, always remember that our fantasy and reality  is not always the same. Remember always that you love your partner.  And,  if so, accept the person you love. Do not forget to take into consideration that your relationship is only the starting point of something. And this –something- you will create together.

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