What are cool and cheap date ideas?

You like a girl and want to go on a date with her, but there is one little issue – you have very less money. Don’t worry! This article will help you solve your trouble and come up with the best date she ever had! Study a list of best cheap date ideas for a couple and make an unforgettable day for her.


  • Go for a picnic.

If there is a beautiful warm weather outside, you can go for a bicycle walk with your girlfriend. It is an excellent idea for a first date. In case your girl can’t drive a bike, choose a bicycle for two people, or you can teach her how to drive it. It would be fun for both of you. When you get tired, you can make a break at some beautiful and cozy. Bring a cover, some tasty food and drinks to have a wonderful picnic outside. It would be nice to feed ducks on a lake, so don’t forget to take a piece of bread for them.

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  • Tasty evening.

Another one cheap idea for a date is to make a dinner together and eat it at home. Find out what cuisine does she like (French, Indian, Japanese, Italian or Mexican) and search for easy and fast recipes on the Internet. Then go to the nearest food store and buy all the needed ingredients. Or you can make it together with a girl already. It would be nice too if you would decorate your room in a style of a country which cuisine you have chosen. Make it in a funny way and your girl will surely appreciate your creative thinking.

  • Volunteer with your girlfriend.

Find some volunteer organization and spend your time together helping other people. No girls heart will be able to withstand such kindness. You will do together good things, and she will surely remember it a long time.

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  • Create some crafts together.

There are a lot of cheap, interesting ideas for handmade things. You can do something cute together, and it will remind you of your first date. Search for your crafts idea on Pinterest.

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  • Study something new together.

It is always great to get some new knowledge. You can learn something together. If you have no money, choose some free class in your city or search for it on the Internet. Youtube is the best helper in studying something new. You can try a new language, new hobby or skill. You can take a dance class. Many dance schools give the first lesson for free, so you can learn something new, have fun and arrange a date there.


  • Games and movies like cheap date ideas for a couple.

It can happen that you have no money even for a dinner, but she is the girl of your dreams, and you don’t want to lose her. You can play games and different activities together. You can be sure, kids games can be really exciting to play in with your girlfriend.

Here is a list of free fun games for you and your girlfriend:

  1. The game “likes and dislikes” is a great game to find out more about each other. Write down your likes and what you hate on little papers and let your partner pick one paper. You can discuss it and have fun times together.
  2. “Twister” is the best game ever to play with your girlfriend. You will laugh a lot while trying to reach the next circle. Come up with a romantic prize for a winner and with a funny punishment for a looser, to make competition more strenuous.
  3. Next game is “Who will start to laugh the first?” You have to say jokes to each other but you are not allowed to smile and to laugh. Who will give up and smile will get a punishment?
  4. “The make-up game” If she doesn’t mind you can draw a makeup to each other but with closed eyes. Then open eyes and enjoy your creature. Another variation is you draw anything in a room or anything in general and the person has to guess what you are drawing.
  5. The next cheap games idea for a date is the “Classic charade” but about your history. When you were a child, you showed animals and cartoons. Now try to tell funny stories from your past but with no words. Your partner has to guess it.
  6. “The Telephone”. Choose a movie and write one sentence about it. Then your girl has to describe her movie, but don’t show to each other what you have written. In the end, read this all. Another variation of this game you can draw. Take a big piece of paper and draw one line with closed eyes. A girl will draw her line, but no one can’t see the half of a picture of another person. In the end, you will create a hilarious painting.
  7. “The truth and lie game.” You have to tell two facts or short stories about yourself, and your partner has to guess which one was true and which one was false.
  8. “Guess a person game”. Choose a character and your girlfriend has to guess it. You can choose someone from cartoons for example or an actor.

The main secret of each date is to make all with humor and creative. All the success of your date depends on your state and your ideas and not on how much money you have. As you can see you can come up with a lot of cheap fun date ideas for a couple if you would use your mind. And you don't need to have much money to impress your girl. Use on practice these cheap date ideas for your date and create your happiness.

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