What are miserable relationship signs?

Dream to have happy relationship and friendly family? Are you building it right now or just wasting your time? What are the signs of miserable relationship? Find out all the answers here!

signs of miserable relationship

It can be very difficult to understand if you are unhappy in a relationship, especially when it last for a very long time. Sometimes it is possible to confuse comfort with happiness, and this is not what you have wanted. Are there are signs of miserable relationship that can help you understand you are happy in a relationship or not.

We found for you 7 main miserable relationship signs, to which you should pay attention. Data is collected on the basis of a lot of life stories and opinions of experts.

7 signs of an unhappy relationship

miserable relationship

1. Fear of responsibility

To understand that you are unhappy in a relationship is not that easy, but to say that you have something that does not satisfy you, is even harder. You are constantly afraid of responsibilities to your partner? You think that you are not quite well together? You are constantly thinking about how to end the relationship? These are the symbols that you must pay attention to! You should want to be with your partner till the end of his life, if you are serious.

2. You lost yourself   

What about what kind of person you really are? Do you open really for your partner? Are you sure you can be yourself with him? You must be who you really are and not be afraid of it. You need to be frank and close to a loved one. Typically, the opposite behavior becomes one of the common mistakes in the relationship.

3. You play detective

signs of an unhappy relationship

At that time, as it may seem simple act of confidence, you are most likely looking for any clue to leave this man. Sometimes you are happy in this relationship, but most of the time you feel miserable and want to end the relationship, just do not know how, so look for any occasion.

4. Constant depression

Depression haunts you constantly, especially in the framework of your relationship. When you think about your future and about your partner, you begin to sink into sad thoughts, and even do not want to continue this anymore. Perhaps your relationship requires a reboot. This is your last chance.

5. Always think about life without your loved one

Constant depression

However, this is exactly the beginning of the end. Are you constantly thinking about how to end your relationship? What about just to disappear and never come back? A lot of people do so, but it's just disgusting. But, if you can imagine your life without your partner, then what are you waiting for?

6. You keep your relationship a secret from others

Does your family know that you are dating someone? And your friends? These are people who are always present in your life and if you are ashamed of your relationship, then what makes you be with this person? What makes you think that you need to hide your relationship? This is an important issue, which is worth considering!

7. Are you constantly dissatisfied with something?

constantly dissatisfied

However, if none of the above sings is noticed, but you constantly complain about your partner, you are angry at him because of all the little things, telling him all the same, so why are you with him? Indignation, outrage - a sufficient manifestation of sing that you are unhappy in a relationship and do not want to be with your boyfriend.

Now you already know what you should pay attention to in order to understand whether you are happy or not. Do you want to continue to be unhappy?

Also there is an opinion from a qualified psychologist about relationships at a distance, in the network and not permanent ones. How to determine which of them will not give you any happiness?

12 signs of unhappy relationships, according to psychologist

signs of unhappy relationships

Attention! Just one tip. Do not ask yourself a questions - if I have only the 6th and 8th, is it all right? No, it means you should start thinking about the situation without pink glasses.

1. He is: always busy, sick or depressed. You: jump around him and he is like ‘leave me alone, I am in mourning’. The truth is: he ‘sings like a nightingale’, forgetting about the depression and the work schedule at the meeting of his classmates or friends in the nearest bar. But these excuses just for you - you can suddenly come in handy. But! Sometimes men can be busy for real, but not for a month of course. Make sure, he is telling truth.

2. He sleeps with you night after night, and makes no attempt even to have sex. And it's more than a month, and he is not 50 years old. You: write whiny posts ‘what does it mean’ in forums and read comments from only the most compassionate. It is true: he wants to or already has another woman. But! He may be sick or have serious problems! Find it out.

miserable couple

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3. Between meetings he is inclined to live in the ‘absolutely nothing personal’ way. You are in such disbelief that your eye starts to twitch. Truth: there is really nothing personal between you and him. The boundaries are marked. You are convenient and nothing more.

4. He is pining for his former unrequited love, putting you as a poultice for his wounds carefully. And do not even hide it. You: understand him, understand him again and again and hope all the time. It is true: he does everything to get her back. And you will be told in this case, that you are wonderful person and ‘thanks for understanding’.

miserable love

5. He is bad in bed. You say ‘It’s fine, babe, it was still fine’. It is true: he is no good at sex and it is incorrigible.

6. He is too complicated person and he is in the throes of self-discovery all the time. He can write you SMS about the meaning of life at night, but he cannot just walk with you in the holiday park. You will respond to SMS, choosing the words carefully, and you are proud of the trust, but you walk in the park with your girlfriend. The truth is: he is not interested in you. Only he is interesting to himself and that’s it.

7. He is not paying for you in a cafe, or tries to borrow money. You give him 20 dollars sometimes, it’s not much. Truth: he uses you. He doesn’t try to become a better person for you.

difficult relationship

8. You sit down to write the pros and cons of your communication in two columns more than once a month. You are trying to make a painful decision - to quit or continue. Truth: you have already understood everything.

9. You think about your relationship in terms of the past, not the present events. For example: he is so tender. Although, the last time he was gentle with you was a few month ago. Or: we have such a passion. Although, your passion means a few hastily meetings in several months. Truth: move the reference point - your relationship was over long ago.

10. He is always scolding boss, parents, or ex-girlfriends, wives. You: say ‘of course, babe, they do not understand you’. Truth: he is a loser and he may say nasty things about you to your friends.

upset man

11. He: always virtual. You have something like love, but no meetings. You are a fool. The truth is: most likely he is married, or too fat, or has teenage acne, or impotent, or a pervert.

12. He: does not love you. You are re-reading all of this, still hoping. The truth is: you have so small demands on the quality of your life; you will have to continue to swallow it all. Bon Appetite.

happy couple

Think about your relationship like a third person, the one, who is not interested in the fairy-tale end. Is it fine? Have you ever dreamed about such life? Such a partner? Would you like him to be a father of your kids? Or he is really good now? Be honest with yourself! And you will find a real, true answer! If it is worth it – fight! Work on your behavior, ask your partner to do the same. But if it’s not… Stop fooling yourself and get rid of this miserable relationship.

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