What Are Nigerian Traditional Wedding Decorations?

Wedding Day is a day most of us, young ladies, dream of since we turn 5. Flowers, gifts, long white Princess` dress – it is all very important, yet very different in every culture. Let’s look into wedding decorations of Nigeria, as it is quite bright and interesting.

Nigerian wedding decorations

Today we will talk about the wedding traditions of the Nigerian wedding day as it is considered to be one of the most thrilling cultures in the world.

The wedding preparations in Nigeria differ from other parts of the world. At least it used to be different before the country got westernized. It all started with two lovebirds falling in love. However, later the whole family of both husband and wife-to-be as well as whole villages (at times) got involved. And that`s where it all gets interesting!

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This can be explained with the great value Nigerians saw in their blood relatives and relationship with them. While still on this topic, among the wedding traditions of the Nigerians was sprinkling blood of a goat on the threshold of the newlyweds as a sign of a new blood between the families. I was amazed to learn that Nigerians used to literally “tie the knot” – the hands of the family-to-be were bound with a strip pf cloth or some grass as a sign of a new connection between them. That truly is a beautiful tradition!

Nigerian wedding look

The wedding decorations of the Nigerian weddings included bright colorful place for newlyweds to sit during the celebration. In case the wedded couple is Christian, they used to decorate the Church aisles in a special way. However, nowadays more and more couples choose Western style for their special day. Thus, you can find arches, Westernized dresses and greater number of bridesmaids.

Nigerian wedding decor

Moreover, Nigerian brides used to wear beautiful colorful headdresses as their wedding accessories; this is a tradition they kept till today. The ornaments and prints on these headdresses depend on the chosen color for the wedding. The bride will also wear special ankle bracelets as well gorgeous necklaces as you can see from the picture below. Nevertheless, statistics shows that less and less brides choose to wear traditional wedding gown for their wedding day.

Nigerian colorful wedding

If you wonder what wedding flowers they want for their Special Day, you will be surprised to learn that there is no restrictions on flowers. Nigeria does not stick to just one kind of flowers and are open to absorb traditions from other cultures in this aspect. The way these flowers will be put into the bouquet are also different and tend to look like the Western Wedding Bouquets.

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