What are popular women's illusions about "husband material" checklist?

What type of guys do you imagine when you think about your future husband? Read this article and find out the list of the most popular women's illusions about "husband material".

husband material

He has to earn a lot of money to be with you. Otherwise, he is just a lazy sloven, and he is not worthy to be with you.

Of course, it is good when your boy has a good stable work, a successful career, and financial savings. But the money it is not all you need. Respect, understand, support and love can make you happy and not money. Yes, he has to be responsible and has to earn to become a good husband material, but what if he just got this job and is paid less now. Or for instance, he is studying now and in two years he will be a highly paid professional. You don’t want to wait? You should remember, love is more important than money. Together you will reach every goal.

He has to come from a good family. Otherwise, he can’t be a good match for you.

Of course, an environment plays a very critical role in a formation of every personality. And bad examples of actions of his closest relatives can have a bad impact on him. Too bad but it happens often. But sometimes kids and parents are very different. And there can grow up a normal good boy in a broken family of some alcoholics, drug addicts or criminals. All depends on his strength of will. So of course, you should find out about his family, but his personality has to be at the first place.

a perfect husband material

A perfect husband material has to do homework.

Your boy is not perfect at cleaning house, his the most successful dish ever is fried eggs, and he can feel completely confused in a food store without a grocery list you gave him. Dear girls, these all doesn’t mean he can’t be your husband. The most important is that he wants and is ready to help you with all these boring home chores. You boyfriend understands how it 's hard for a girl to do all alone, so you should appreciate your partner and don’t get annoyed when he can’t do all as perfect as you can.

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He had very few girlfriends before you.

It is a typical pattern you have to be the second girl in his life. Okay, the third one.  The number of his relationships doesn’t make him better or worse man. If a boy is shy, he will naturally have very few partners just because he doesn’t know how to express himself. Usually, such boys are more smart and intelligent than playboy type of guys, which is popular for many girls. And opposite if your partner had very girlfriends it doesn’t mean he is surface and just play all the girls. Maybe you are the one who can melt his heart.

a good husband material

Since he met you, he can’t meet with his friends as often as he did it before you.

He doesn't need any friends anymore. This is a dangerous illusion, which needs to talk about the psychology of a couple's relationships. Every person needs his private space and private time when he can do whatever he wants: spend it playing his favorite football with a team, watching movies, or going to a club with his friends. When people create a couple and start to live together, it doesn’t mean they have to break relations with all other people from their life. Even the best girlfriend can never replace male friends, and his best mates will never substitute him his loved one or his parents. All these are very imperative parts of our life, and we have to maintain a right balance and give our attention to each person we appreciate in our life.

He hasn’t to communicate with other girls.

Ask yourself why you don’t want it? Are you jealous? What his behavior makes you feel so? If there is no trust in your relationship, you have to discuss it. There will be many women in his life: at work, in different other places. The most important here is how much you are soulmates and appreciate your feelings. If you really love each other, it doesn’t matter with how many girls he speaks. You will stay the only girl in his heart.

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