What are questions to ask your boyfriend?

Do you know what the best questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better are? Here is a list of questions that will make your communication better.

questions to ask a boyfriend

The unofficial statistics shows that at least 95% of all popular songs are about love. Love truly is in the air. We read books about it, watch films about love and are in a constant search for the Perfect One for us.

Dating is a way to finding this Mister Charming, as while you are dating you have a chance to get to know the person better, ask him questions about his values and priorities and see whether you are both moving in the same direction or this relationship is just a waste of time.

If you have troubles coming up with question that are absolutely essential if you want to know the guy better, here is a whole list of them. Write them down and ask them on your next date instead of talking of things that are not really important.

questions to ask your boyfriend

  1. The first question you should ask your new boyfriend is what his dreams are. His answer will help you see what personality he is and whether this is a type of man you would once want to marry.
  2. The second question you potential or current boyfriend is about his goals. You can ask for details like goals for 5, 10 or 20 years in order to see whether he knows where exactly he wants to head for. Since dating is a time to see whether you want to spend the rest of your life in marriage, see whether your boyfriend has clear goals. Otherwise, he would get stuck in his life, and you will get stuck with him.
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  3. The other question that will help you to get to know your boyfriend is whether he respects God and whether he has personal relationship with Him. It is crucial to know his position on this, as having different perspectives on God, can destroy your marriage and make you extremely unhappy.
  4. The question number 4 is what he likes the most in you. Ask him to be very specific, as it will help you see whether he only likes you as a “pretty package” or he is interested in your personality, values and goals.
    questions to ask a potential boyfriend
  5. Ask him who the most important person in his life is. From his answers you will see what he values in people and whether he knows how to build and save the relationship. It is a good thing to ask your boyfriend about his past. Make sure not to put too much pressure on him here, be sensitive, but still since he decided to start relationship with you, you deserve to know significant things from his past.
  6. You should also know what he finds most annoying in order to save this relationship from unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.
  7. Question number 7 which you should ask your boyfriend is what his relationship with his family looks like. This question will help you get to know him better from the side of his attitude to people around him. He might not be an angel you see him if he says that he does not love his parents or disrespects his grandparents. Such situations can reveal his real essence. You can also ask who he is closer in his family to.
    questions to ask a boyfriend to get to know him
  8. Remember to ask him what his longest friendship was and whose initiative it was to start those relationships. This way you will know what he is like in relationship and whether he will be ready to fight for them in case of storms between you.
  9. You should also ask your new boyfriend about his attitude to marriage. Maybe, he sees himself as a not-marriage material. Then probably you won’t agree with him here. One day you will decide that you are ready to start a family and he will run away in the view of all the responsibility.
    Moreover, se if you have the same perspective on the roles of a wife and a husband. If he does not believe that a husband is the leader and a bread-winner of a family, then it might be heard for you to have children, as you would have to both take care of them, your husband, household and still work to support a family.
  10. Ask your boyfriend what he likes to do in his spare time. It will be a great help to you for coming up with new ideas for the next day. Men love surprises, so the better you plan the date and the more surprises you add into it, the better.
    It will also help you understand whether you are ready to spend the rest of your life doing what he likes. In case he likes hiking and you like staying at home and watching TV, you would have to sacrifice your interests to make him happy and go hiking together. So knowing it in advance means being prepared. It gives you time and space to prepare for another exciting date.
    questions to ask a boyfriend on a date
  11. The question personally I love is whether your boyfriend would want to get a Nobel Prize and if yes then what for. It will not only show you what his big aspirations are, but also how inventive, smart and creative he is. This question is close to the previous one; however, it gives your boyfriends a chance to dream for a little bit.

So here you go, take these questions and use them for the better communication with a potential or a current boyfriend.

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