What are sex positions for not getting pregnant?

Are there any chances of not getting pregnant during sex? What are sex positions for not getting pregnant? Do they exist? Read more to find out!

Sex positions

Sex is an inseparable part of our life. For humans’ sex is not only part of breeding but we also related to the small part of species who enjoy sex. It`s dictated by time whether you desire to have a child or not. That`s the reason you may seek options for sex positions to not get pregnant. Unfortunately, there is no sex position to avoid getting pregnant. Some of them may just reduce chances of getting pregnant. If you desire to not get pregnant during sex, it`s better to stick to the contraceptives as using they you have way better chances to not conceive a child.

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sex positions

Male condoms reduce chances of getting pregnant on 90%. This contraceptive is made of latex. The using condom is a simple method not to get pregnant even during ovulation. Furthermore, it has no side effects if you do not have an allergy to latex. Using the condom is a simple, men just need to sure that it wasn`t deformed or torn and wear it on an erected penis. Just do not to forget to pull out the penis after ejaculation as non-erected penis ruins the enclosure of the condom. There are also women condoms but as studies shows, they are less effective than male.

Birth Control Pills

sex positions

It`s one of the best choices for people who search sex positions for not getting pregnant as by using the pills you would be able to try them all. The main idea of taking the pills lies in oestrogen hormones and synthetic progestin contained in the pills. They prevent an egg from moving to ovaries which prevent conceiving a child. Nevertheless, it`s strictly recommended to visit a doctor prior to choosing the pills as some of them may have side effects which you do not desire to be tested for you.

Birth Control Shots

sex positions

The method is similar to birth control pills but instead of taking a pack of hormones and synthetics orally, you just get shots every 3 months. However, as a previous method, the taking shots can have more devastating effects on your body as gaining weight, menstruation period changes, stomach pain…

Sex positions for not getting pregnant

Oral Sex

sex positions

For achieving the results of having a baby during the sex sperms should enter to the uterus and journey through fallopian tubes to find an egg and conceive it. The reproductive system and gastrointestinal systems of human`s body are not connected. So, there are no chances for women to get pregnant by swallowing sperm. It just gets destroyed in the stomach and digested into proteins. No matter how intensive you are during oral sex, you can`t get pregnant as long as sperms do not get fallopian tubes.

Anal Sex

sex positions

Despite that Anus is in a close distance to the vulva, it was hardly a case of conceiving a child through… For people who finds sex, positions to not get pregnant. As it was pointed in the previous paragraph. The digestive system is not connected to productivity system. Anal sex can be enjoyed by both sexes, there is a need to know that anus doesn`t have natural lubricant. That`s why it`s needed to think about getting lubricants from preventing hurts.

sex positions

Apart from these methods there are also kissing, sex toys, masturbating, fondling that can get you pregnant in major of cases.


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