What are sex questions you should ask your boyfriend?

Do you want to know more about your boyfriend? Are you feeling like making your sex life more interesting? Read this article and find out how to do it!

sex questions

About a century ago talking about sex was considered inappropriate in a lot of countries.

However, right now sex questions are really important and even necessary to discuss with your partner in order to have a stable relationship that involves nice sex.

Sex questions to ask your boyfriend can actually vary depending on your interest and purpose. If you want to do it for fun, you can make jokes and not get too intimate.

But if you are really trying to know each other better you really need to be honest and not shy.

Sometimes sex questions to ask your partner can sound obvious or even might seem stupid it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to ask them. You can choose the ones that speak to you.

As you communicate you will learn so much about your loved one. It will stop being just a quiz, it will become more of a romantic moment.

You also need to know that non-sexual questions also need to be asked as they can still be related to this issue.

If you are having problems with your sexual life it would be a good idea to consult with a doctor. But at first you should also ask each other the sex problems questions. Just be open and understanding while finding a solution!

Sex questions to ask

sex questions

1. What is the sex secret you wouldn’t share with others?

There is no guarantee that your partner will answer honestly but it will be fun to hear his stories!

2. What was your first impression of me?

You would probably hear all those beautiful words about your exceptionality.

3. The most preferable sex position

 This question will help you understand the taste of your partner and please him better.

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4. What is your sex dream?

If your boyfriend is honest with you, he might tell you a lot of interesting things you might have never heard of. Have fun performing new stuff!

5. Where do you like making love?

Sometimes changing the way you do it will be very refreshing for your relationship and sex life!

6. Are you still thinking about your ex girlfriend?

This question might make your man mad but watch his reaction carefully – maybe he has something to hide.

sex questions

7. How about quickies?

 It is a funny question which is meant to make you both laugh.

8. What would your perfect girlfriend look like?

The perfect boyfriend would say that you are his perfect woman and that he only wants you for who you are!

9. What would make you break up with me?

This way you will understand what your partner is able to forgive and what would make him never talk with you again.

10. Would you love me if I had a cancer?

It is a horribly difficult question to answer but as you ask it you will certainly feel if your partner is honest or just playing with you.

11. Would you still be with me if we had to spend some years apart?

Long-distance relationship is a hard job. But if your loved one has real feelings for you, nothing will stop your love.

12. The best sex act that I can perform is...

If your partner describes his favourite things during sex you will know what to do and how to make him happy.

sex questions

13. What woman’s underwear do you prefer?

Usually men picture girls without clothes. But give it a shot! Maybe you will go shopping the other day!

14. How many sexual partners have you had?

It is important to know how many lovers your man had not only for informative purposes. It is important to be aware of it to stay healthy or maybe do the medical examination together.

15. The weirdest place you had sex with someone...

You can share your experiences. Even those that you haven’t told anyone. It’s going to be fun and intimate conversation that will make you closer to each other.

16. Describe your first love

The first love is unforgettable. Ask your boyfriend about it and find out how the first time felt for him.

17. What would you do if I cheated on you?

Your man would probably get jealous and mad if you ask that kind of question. But his negative reaction will show how much he appreciates you.

18. When do you want to get married?

sex questions

Those questions sometimes scare the guys off. Make sure to let him know that it’s not a hint, just pure interest.

19. What are my disadvantages?

The answer might make you sad but at least you will be able to work on yourself and think about your disadvantages and how to fix them.

20. Who of my girlfriends would you choose to make love with?

Be aware that there is no way your man is going to answer that. But if he does, make sure that he is not going to actually do it.

21. What turns you on during sex?

Finding out each other’s sexual preferences is always super exciting!

22. How do you see yourself in a few years?

If your Prince Charming is an honest guy his answer will help you decide what you want from your own future.

23. Describe your first kiss

First kiss as a teenager is an especially memorable moment. Ask him how it went for him and share your own experience.

24. Do you want to try the extraordinary sex?

Some guys are definitely fans of unusual sex. Maybe you should try it too!

25. Role playing?

He can be a doctor and you can be the patient! Doesn’t it turn you on?

26. Which porn star do you find the most attractive?

By asking this question you will know if he is watching porn for sure. Some girls are okay with that but others find it disgusting – it’s up to you.

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