What are Tekno's recommendations for ladies having abusive relationships?

Recently Tekno gave his advice for women whose husbands are violent and beats them up. Find out it here!


Tekno, Made Men Music signed singer, who dropped the video to his trending joint "Pana" yesterday on 22 of August, has something to say for women who experience domestic violence.  Tekno shared video in which he gave excellent advice for the women in the abusive relationship. You can find the video on his Instagram page.

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Tekno’s advice

Tekno tells about one his friend who was in an abusive relationship. This girl sad that her boyfriend loves her so much and has a lot of passion for her that’s why she beats her up. However, Tekno has his own opinion about that. He thinks that if the man beats a woman than he doesn’t love her. He was really serious about that.

Watch the video of new Tekno's single "Pana" below.

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