What are the benefits of having sex every day?

You do not know how to make your spouse or partner to have sex with you often. Check the list of regular sex benefits!

Regular sex

Regular sex every day what are the benefits? According to many studies, most couples have sex for two-three times per week. What will be if the pair will exceed these limits? Is it beneficial for health? Here is a list of why you should have sex every day:

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Sex relieves stress

1. Sex relieves stress

Sex helps to reduce stress. During sex your body produces dopamine, it`s a substance which is called "the hormone of happiness." In a study published in the journal “Science”, researchers found that those rats that regularly engage in sex had a less often feeling of anxiety than those animals who did not have sexual activity.

2. Sex is one of the forms of physical activity

During sexual intercourse, all the systems of our body operate as if we are in the gym. Respiration rate during sex is accelerated, and after sex, you feel tired. If you have sex three times a week for 15 minutes, then at least eight thousand kcal will burn in one year. If you desire to burn this amount of kcal, you would need to run a marathon on one hundred and thirty kilometers.

Sex reduces blood pressure

3. Sex reduces blood pressure

If a person has a problem with high blood pressure, sex can be recommended as a preventive measure. Researchers from the University of Paisley concluded that regular sex improves blood pressure.

4. Helps immunity

Regularly suffer from the common cold? Sex can be the answer to your problem. While having sex body produces immunoglobulin. It`s an antigen, which fights the flu. Nevertheless, remember the gold rule that the one with a running nose shouldn`t be on top.

4. Helps immunity

5. Makes you look younger

If you have sex three times a week, it will make you look ten years younger, according to the Scottish explorer David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. This is scientifically proved; that regular sex provides the wave of hormones that give a nice addition to the skin of your body. Nevertheless, you will not become forever young.

6. Healthy Heart

Sex helps to improve heart function. Sex is the perfect prophylactic against stroke and heart attacks. This was proved by researchers from the Research Institute of New England. According to them, men who have sex frequently, have 45% less likely to suffer from heart disease. However, whether sex helps women in this sense, is not clear. Nevertheless, the dopamine has a certain positive effect on heart too.

Healthy Heart  

7. Painkiller

If you have a chronic migraine or other pain, then sex is a great solution. However, if you have a regular back pain, it is better to start seeing the doctor then having sex. Dr. George Ehrlich, a specialist in Philadelphia, has shown in the course of his research that sex helps to cope with arthritis. According to him, patients who regularly have sex, tolerate pain easier and rarely complain about it.

8. Create trust and intimacy

The hormone oxytocin is released sharply during sex in both sexual partners. This hormone is responsible for the happiness and love. So if you feel that your marriage is on the verge of, a good sex can certainly help to change the perspectives. The same scientists advise needed to take if you feel that your partner can have sex on the side. Hormone Oxytocin allows people to begin to trust each other better. And it makes couples closer.

Create trust and intimacy

9. Cure for Cancer

Sex is the perfect prophylactic against prostate cancer. Australian doctors proved this. They say that if a man has sex 21 times a month, the risk of developing prostate cancer reduces to almost zero.

10. Helps with back pain

Regular sex develops the muscles of the back and pelvis and strengthens them. This allows you to keep healthy not only the sexual organs but also the intestine.

10. Helps with back pain

11. Protects prostate

Most released during sexual contact liquid is extracted from the prostate gland. If a man does not ejaculate for a long time, it accumulates in the "tank" and eventually leads to many problems. So that sex is the perfect prophylactic against prostate diseases.

12. Saves you from sleeping problems

After a great sexual release, most people immediately desire to sleep. Increased heart rate enhances the pleasure of post-coital relaxation. So that sex is a great tool for people who suffer from insomnia.

Save us from sleeping problems

13. Normalizes menstrual cycles

Regular sex stabilizes the menstrual cycle of women and regulates the production of hormones that reduce pain during menstruation. Sex in this sense is even more effective than pills as it was proved by researches.

14. Prevents erectile dysfunction

Over 50% of men over 40 years experience various symptoms of erectile dysfunction. All young people are afraid that one day it will come a time when their penis refuses to perform its functions. The best medicine against impotence is regular sex. Erection banishes large amounts of blood through the penis, which in general has very positive effect on its health. The skin and blood cells remain healthy longer.

Prevents erectile dysfunction

15. Sex lovers live longer

A healthy heart, strong muscles, the normal circulation of the hormones of joy – all of this will add you a few years of life. In a study published in the British Medical Journal, it was informed that men who have sex regularly until a ripe of old age also have better chances to live more years and do not die because of health diseases than people who abandoned sex.

16. A healthy sperm

If you are trying to get pregnant and want to improve your husband's sperm activity, you have to convince him that you to have sex more or less regularly. Regular sex leads to an early renewal of sperm in the testes and increases their activity.

A healthy sperm

17. Self-confidence

The regular sex also has a positive effect on a moral aspect of a person. According to scientists, people who have regular sex are more prone to take risk actions immediately. Moreover, regular sex bust up the firm character features like confidence and assertiveness in chasing the goals.

18. Sperm mask

According to recent studies, the sperm, which is made of proteins mostly, has a positive effect on the skin. The active proteins have certain benefits for the skin from the contact. It poses nutria and relaxing effect upon the skin and even makes it softer.

Sperm mask

19. Brain boost

If you have no ideas about how to make your project profitable or have a ton of work and a little time to cope with that, then a regular sex can certainly help you. The pain in the head is not an excuse for denying sex. Moreover, sex reduces a headache.

20. Men desire

If you desire that your man would act like a real man you require to provide him a woman. If you have a baby, it does not excuse to perform sex for a husband. Nevertheless, he is your man and providing him happiness should also be your desire. He will not leave this gesture unnoticed.

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