What are the benefits of having sex with a short lady?

A sex with a short girl has many benefits. Moreover, there are several best positions of having sex with a short lady. Do you know any of them? Then keep on reading this article to find out more details.

Benefits of having sex with a short lady

Short women are just amazing. Statistics say that 80% of men dream of dating with short ladies. When it actually comes to sex, then we would like to show you some benefits of having sex with a short lady.

Benefits of having sex with a short lady  

  • Short ladies have a lower center of gravity, which is very amazing in bed;
  • It is an incredible feeling while hugging and kissing a short lady;

Kissing a short lady

  • Everything is smaller. When it comes to sex smaller is undoubtedly better;
  • Short girls are real sexy goddesses;
  • Short ladies can be moved and picked in any position easily;
  • Short lady is easier to manage. Therefore, there is more time and energy to focus on pleasure;

Short lady sex

  • If you need a lower back massage short ladies are right there;
  • Short girls’ feet are really more beautiful;
  • Sex with a short girl is far more pleasurable and gratifying;
  • Short ladies always are keen on trying various sex positions.

Short ladies are the best in sex

Best sex positions for short ladies

Many short ladies say that definite sex positions have worked marvelously for them, which is also very important thing while having sex with a short girl. Now we offer you five great positions for shorties.


When getting into the spooning position a lady wants to be the little spoon for this. As when a man is behind a lady he cannot see where he penetrates the lady. Therefore, the best way to make a man understand to penetrate a lady, she should lift her leg a bit and push her hips against a man as he gets into place.

Spooning sex position

In this position your probable height difference doesn’t come into play, as you both are lying on your sides. In addition, spooning is a perfect way to stimulate woman`s G-spot, since a man is coming in from behind.

Lady on top

In this cowgirl position everything is simple. A man lies down on his back, while a woman gets on top, straddles his hips, and takes him inside herself.

Lady on top

A short lady is able to control the situation on top with her hips effortlessly. Moreover, if a girl is really that short, she could even show off her thigh power by spinning all the way around on man`s penis in a circle. For this reason short ladies are often called spinners.


A man sits up-right with his legs crossed. A lady slowly lowers herself onto her partner`s penis. Then she wraps her arms and legs around a man. It could take some time to synchronize your movements. You should not worry in such a situation – everything will be great!

Sitting sex position

A small height allows a short lady getting on her partner and embracing him fully with her limbs. In this position you can have very hot kissing sessions, making it tremendously intimate because you are facing each other.

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Doggy style

A lady gets on her hands and knees. A man enters her from behind while on his knees. However, depending on how short a lady is, she could need a pillow or two under her hips so that partners are parallel to each other.

Doggy style

Doggy style is always the position that just keeps giving. It is really one of the best sex positions for short girls and men with small penises. Doggy style also gives amazing G-spot stimulation.

Dangling over the edge of the sofa

A girl is on her back with her legs hanging off the side. In this case her butt should be as close to the edge of the sofa as possible. A man stands between girl`s legs and penetrates her from a standing position, whereas pulling his hips in toward girl`s hips. It looks like making an L-shape of both partners` two sets of hips.

Dangling over the edge of the sofa

In this position a small height of a lady allows a man having much more control over the position because he thrusts away. This position is also great for short ladies because while having sex a man stands and holds lady`s body, which is completely supported by the sofa. Therefore, it provides more influence for a man.

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