What are the benefits of holding hands?

How often do you hold hands with your partner? Did you know that this is the best pain reliever and the cure for stress? Find out seven surprising reasons why you should hold hands more!

Holding hands

Holding hands is an ordinary thing that we see and do every day. It can signify friendship, love, or marriage. This commonplace behavior triggers chemical reactions in our minds that make us feel loved, happy, cared for, and respected. 

 Holding hands impacts your live positively. When you do it, the nerves in your skin communicate with your core nervous system, producing hormones that make you feel pleasant and warm.

couple holding hands

There’s much more to it, of course, and new studies continue to explore the positive psychological effects of human touch today. Here are major benefits of holding hands which will ensure you that you should do it more:

1.    Holding hands is a great pain reliever

It was scientifically proven that it is easier to endure pain when you are holding the hand of your soulmate. When you feel pain, there is a particular natural reaction in your body which shows up as muscles tightening.  The great example is childbirth. When the woman is going through this process which is really painful, husbands (or obstetricians) usually hold her hand inside the delivery room.

 Holding hands is a great pain reliever

2.    Holding hands is comfortable

Holding hands bond the partners. When you do it, you have a very comfy feeling while walking with your loved one. Everybody loves comfort. Hold hands any timeyou feel discomfort, and the sensation of relaxing and coziness will come to you again.

Holding hands are comfortable

3.    Holding hands is great for your heart

Did you know that holding hands lowers your blood pressure, which is the major reason of heart diseases? Holding hands not only helps to improve relationships, but also to provide a comfortable sensation which helps our heart. A study from Behavioral Medicine claims that the power of warm touch goes beyond the health benefits to the heart.

 Holding hands is great for your heart

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4.    Holding hands overcomes stress

The holding hands reduces the level of cortisol in your blood. This is the hormone which causes stress. When you are under stress, just a gentle touch can help ease the strain mentally and physically. It can even be a touch of your friend or teammate. As a result, you will feel more connected, content and better about yourself.

Holding hands overcome stress

The largest concentration of nerve endings is actually contained inside the hands and fingertips. Therefore touch of hand has a really high impact. So next time you have a hard day, get together with your friend or loved one and relieve stress.

Holding hands overcome stress

5.    Holding hands gives a sense of security

This is about parents and children. Insecurity of child disappears immediately when they have a hand to hold and allows them more easily overcome obstacles. Simple hand holding is a source of safety and comfort for young children. Additionally, the sensation of security goes both ways; parents also feel safer when their children are within their grasp.

   Holding hands give a sense of security

6.    Holding hands boosts love

Holding hands produces the oxytocin. This is the hormone which makes us feel happier and loved. Happy couples hold hands automatically without even noticing because this habit developed by the nervous system.

Additionally, oxytocin strengthens communication and empathy between partner, which in its turn ensures happy and long-lasting relations. It also creates a bond, which impacts the quality of relationships in a positive way.

Holding hands boosts love

7.    Holding hands overcomes fear

When you have fears, your brain responds to sudden stimulation using adrenaline. This gets our blood pumping and releases high levels of cortisol throughout our body. As we already know, this hormone causes stress. That is why, during these moments our natural reaction is to hold hands with someone we trust. However, most women would better grab their partner’s hand to overcome fears.

Holding hands overcomes fear

So now you have serious of reasons to hold the hand of your loved one more often.

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