What are the best flirt quotations?

Flirt is somehow a difficult science, which you have to learn and practice to get your beloved. But first, you should know some lovely phrases, which will attract your partner. We give you top best flirt quotations, which will surely help you to catch your happiness! Read the article and learn more.

flirt quotes

Sociologists have identified the best flirting quotes from movies. The residents of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were involved in the survey.

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Women who participated in the study gave the first place to the phrase, uttered by the heroine of Audrey Hepburn in "Charade" in 1963: "You know, I don't bite...Until I am not asked".

flirt quotes

On the second place was the quote from the film " To Have and Have Not" (1944), pronounced by Lauren Bacall: "You do not have to say anything. Well, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just connect lips together and blow".

The leaders three close the statement by Kathleen Turner in the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?": "You don't know how hard it is to live with a woman with my look."

flirt quotes

The participants of the survey chose quotes with humor, and not phrases, which contain hints of vulgarity.

Men gave the first place to quote from the movie of 1932 " The Cabin in the Cotton," uttered by Bette Davis: "I'd like to kiss you, but I’ve just washed my hear."

"Do not worship me for as long as I do not deserve it" is a statement by Shirley MacLaine from the film "Terms of Endearment" — took the second place.

flirt quotes

Third place men have given to the dialogue between Lauren Bacall and her partner Humphrey Bogart in " Have and Have Not."

The survey was dedicated to the anniversary ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar."

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