What are the best flirt tips for women?

Have you ever come across some flirt tips for women? Read the article and find them out.


Pickup skills give women the opportunity to practice the art of seduction not only with strangers, but also with those, with whom you have a long-standing romantic and sexual relationship. Another thing is that the female flirt had never anything to do with rude male pick-up - even if we want to seduce, we do it not for the new tick in sex winnings list, and for fun, awareness of your own beauty and sexuality.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to draw attention to yourself:

1. Be independent and friendly at the same time. Pay attention to yourself, without making the first step, but sending subtle signals. Smile, laugh, feel sociable. First you have to have proud posture, be stress-free, relaxed, confident. Like a panther, which "walks by itself" and at the same time looking around, looking for the most desired trophy.

2. Be calm, like a woman who keeps everything in her hands. Pickup - this is a fun game, do not worry, do not hesitate and do not be alarmed.

3. I you want to start the game - pay attention to the men you like. Look, the smile - is the normal rule of flirting, but more natural and relaxed: accidental contact, your body is rotated in the direction of your desired men.

What are the tips?

4. Pre-treatment is required. Be perfect and ideal. Thin high heels are elegant, fitting skirt or dress on a figure, decollete. Makeup for flirting: sensual lips and long eyelashes, with minimal eye makeup, shiny hair, well-groomed hands, beautiful nails - one more important detail that men notice.

5. Your speech in a conversation should be smooth and quiet. Do not give out the excitement, if present, any external behavior or voice. The first few phrases help to form the first impression, and it should be very successful. Speak clearly, listen, build a dialogue, do not forget about natural smile and a light touch to the hand of your interlocutor when you hear something funny.

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Flirt tips take place

6. First think and then speak. Remember that women are interested in the past, and men - in the future, therefore, talking about yourself, do not mention your desire to travel around the world and live in a mansion outside the city. Detailed information about you or questioning him is completely irrelevant at the first meeting.

7. Sometimes women pay compliments - men really love them, let them feel special and unusual.

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