What are the best flirty messages for her?

Quick tempo of life dictates its rules. All of us have gadgets and we apply them everywhere we need. While flirting a girl they are very helpful. What flirt can be without flirty messages for a girlfriend? Find the best tips here.

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Are you tired of sending your girl old texts? Then follow our tips to become an expert in the art of flirting and pave the way for a date!

Don't be boring and predictable.

The worst text flirting is annoying and predictable. Your flirt text should be funny and exciting. If you can't come up with something interesting, you'd better not write it at all.

For example, start the flirt message for her like Hey! or How's it going? It is boring. She probably gets these flirt messages from every guy knows, so do something that will differentiate you.

Try something unique, something that will force her to answer immediately. For example,

- You can't stop thinking about me!

- You're cheated yesterday while playing kicker(table football). I demand a rematch.

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Personal flirt messages

Sometimes flirt SMS messages seem impersonal, so try to do this more personally. Such flirt messages will help to build the relationship between you.

Refer to her by name – the girls tremble when they see their names in the message. There is something intimate.

Alternatively, you can use a great nickname, which you invent for her. It will look like something understandable only to the two of you.

Use the pronouns We and Us in your text this will create a feeling Me and You against the world. Girls love it very much.

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Make the girl a compliment.

She will feel special and welcome. Write her a couple of compliments in your flirt message to a girl.

Try the classic (very active) compliments, such as

- Can't stop thinking about you after seeing this dress.

- Have a wonderful sense of humor.

Let the compliment be sincere – don't say something without sense. Girls feel fake a mile away.

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Be mysterious.

There is nothing wrong if you let in a bit of mystery.

For example, if she asks about your day, you should not go into boring details. Answer something like

- The day was incredible.

No doubt, she will be intrigued and will require a more detailed story in the next message.

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Do not stop teasing her.

Teasing is the best way of flirting creates an intimacy between you without much seriousness.

Make a joke about what she said or did when you last met.

Be sure not to go overboard and not hurt her. Otherwise, your relationship will end before it begins.

Take the initiative.

No flirting is not without significant hints which support and interest.

You can text her something more conventional, like, what she's wearing or tell her that you like her in this dress, but you will like what is underneath.

Another good way is innocent observations, which are deliberately interpreted as erotic jokes.

If you feel uncomfortable releasing lewd jokes, you can just innocently be noted that only got out of the shower. Then the ball is in her goal and if she answers something like

- Wow, would like to see it. You will understand that it is not against such jokes.

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Write short and expressive messages.

Long flirt messages for a girlfriend are boring and will attest to the fact that you are impatient.

For this reason, be brief and expressive. Let the message be not more than 2-3 sentences.

Try to have each SMS either funny or cool. Flirt messages should never be receptive to discussing the weather.

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Send the same number of messages.

You should not send messages more than to get answers.

Too many flirt messages suggest that you are very impatient and are available. It may seem that you are too aggressive. She can either be scared or lose interest.

On the other hand, a too short text is also not good. It may seem that you are not interested, or she may suggest that you send SMS to many girls at the same time and will make up her mind to interrupt communication with you.

Therefore you need to find a balance by sending a roughly equal number of text messages, with the balance tipped slightly in her direction if possible.

You also need to pay attention to who is the initiator of the beginning and finishing of messages.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling. You should leave the impression of an intelligent and competent interlocutor. Adolescents may not pay attention to that, but if you are over 18, then try to write correctly.

No need to search difficult words in the dictionary to seem smart, just look through each text before leaving.

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Punctuation is of great importance

It shows how the text is interpreted. For example, if a girl sent you a picture in the new dress, the word “Wow!” sounds more enthusiastically than if you write ‘Wow.” And ‘I like...’ sounds more intriguing than just “like.'

Don't overdo it with exclamation marks, emoticons, etc. They are effective only if used to the place.

Stop the conversation if it gets annoying.

The ability to end the conversation in time is an important ability.

If you have a long time to send messages to each other, the conversation is winding down and getting annoying.

Complete the conversation with something like

- We need to go, babe, talk to you tomorrow. Take care of yourself!

-  You need to sleep. I'll see you in my dreams!

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The flirty farewell will complete the job.

Do not use text flirting is real flirting. The text just needs to be a supplement to real flirting.

Despite the fact that sending messages is great (sometimes you can tell what feel shy to say in person), but there is nothing fascinating than to flirt face to face.

Set a meeting using flirt messages to her. Then the messages will make sense, and you'll both be in anticipation of a future meeting.

Remember, prolonged eye contact, charming smile, and the touch of the hand is much better than sweet words on the monitor.

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