What are the best girls to marry?

Why do men want to marry? What girls are good and bad for marriage? Read and learn the main type of modern ladies.

It might be hard to believe, but the majority of men want to find an ideal woman and marry her. However, it is not that easy to choose the best girl to marry. There are plenty of different ladies around and you should try to understand, who of them are more appropriate for such serious thing.

best girl to marry

Why guys are searching for a wife?

Let’s get to know why there are so many males who are eager to get a perfect girl to marry. The key reasons they are looking for a marriage opportunities are as follows:

  • Regular sexual life. Men require to have it even more than woman. It concerns not only pleasure but also their health.
  • Household chores. Guys are not that skillful in house duties. They need a wife in order to clean, wash, doing laundry, cooking and so on.
  • Kids. Not all but still lots of males want to have children. To give a new life and to continue the production of the next generation.

girl to marry

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  • Additional income. It is much more reasonable to live together if both of them work. Besides, there are privileges for married couples (for instance, concerning bank credits).
  • Emotional support. Yes, guys need it a lot. They work and face difficulties. It is much easier when somebody meets you at home and is ready to listen and comfort you. Besides, if they have a family, they have a purpose for their hardworking. Otherwise, they may drop onto bottom.
  • Love. Every living creature requires to be loved and cared of. Males are not an exception.
  • Feeling proud. In life of every man, there are bad moments. If he has a beautiful woman besides him, he starts feeling more confident. He can show her to his friends and family. The others will even may feel envy to him.

Type of girl to marry

Finding a girl to marry is a really difficult task. Not every woman is appropriate and ready for a marriage. Consider the most common types of ladies, whom you can marry:

  1. Bimbo. This kind of lady is not very smart, but she is a goddess in a bedroom. You will hardly want to introduce her to your parents though. It is better for her not to open a mouth at all.type of girl to marry
  2. Chatterbox. She never shuts her mouth. Never mind what happens, be sure she will comment it on for hours.
  3. High maintenance chick. This is a princess-type girl. She expects that you will do everything for her. Her father has always called her the best. For such a lady, you should have a couple dozens of spare suitcases with money to spend on her every month.
  4. Mama’s Baby. This woman is charming and beautiful, but is absolutely irresponsible. She has plenty of kids from various daddies.
  5. Desperate chick. For the first time, she seems magnificent. But if you look closer you will see how crazy she is. She will be constantly talking about weddings, children, family weekends and other things you are probably not ready for yet.
  6. Clingy girl. This girl will accompany you everywhere. You will not have a chance to miss her at all. She can even become annoying, as this lady will never allow you to spend some time with someone else.finding a girl to marry
  7. Gold digger. She will notice any expensive thing you have, ask about your car and your job. She is interested more in your money than in your personality.
  8. Feminist. She literally hates men. She is sure that all the troubles happen because of them. Be certain, she will blame you for everything. Even if the sun will sit down over the horizon each day, you and only you will be guilty for that.
  9. Overly-critical. For this female, anything you do is not good enough. Everything must correspond to her standards, otherwise it is awful. She will make you clean your common house twice a day and will demand doing the things you don’t want to. She will make you hate her and if you haven’t had children with her yet, you should run from her as far as possible, starting right now.
  10. Club girl. She is always in bars and nightclubs chilling with friends. Such women are usually wild and careless. They demonstrate their body wearing extremely provoking clothes. All her life is like an endless party with alcoholic drinks.

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You can meet any of these girls in the street. Concern our tips to recognize them. Now you can decide, which type is appropriate for you and which one is better to be avoided.

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