What are the best ideas of marriage proposals?

Looking for a beautiful idea of marriage proposal? The best ones are gathered here! The girl will certainly say ‘yes’! You’ll find all the instructions to make the best proposal ever here!

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Romance is a mandatory component of dating period for each couple. Why should we live without it? After all, love is the feeling that inspires. In the name of love, each of us is willing to do a lot, sometimes even the most unpredictable things – like a special wedding proposal.

Well, a marriage proposal is a unique line for each couple, after which a new, joint life begins. This is a very important moment in the life of every person because, ideally, it happens only once in life, and is remembered for a long time.

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It is a pity that the recent romantic marriage proposal began to lose its power. Declarations of love and marriage proposals from the lips of lovers more and more often heard in the form of a banal phrase: ‘Move to me’, ‘Let's live together’ or ‘Let's get married’.

But this is a special step and an unforgettable event! Therefore, every man must gather his thoughts, forces, assess his capabilities and turn this moment into a beautiful, romantic, festive surprise.

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Of course, the organization of such event is a very difficult task. To do it right, you need to take into account the 1000 small things, but the most important thing is not only to be able to follow all the processes on the day X, but at the same time be able to enjoy them. In addition, it is hard to overestimate the importance of this event for the beloved one. Therefore, in order to avoid a lot of problems you can go to the professionals. Nowadays, we have a lot of the organizations, which work with marriage proposals. They help to come up with the plot and organize everything. In particular, you can find such companies on web.

In addition, we offer you a choice of 40 ideas for beautiful romantic marriage proposal, which you can also use just to make an original declaration of love, if you're not ready to make such an important step.

40 wedding proposal ideas:

wedding proposal ideas

1. The first option is a classic. Romantic dinner in the restaurant, a man ceases to one knee and gives a wedding proposal speech.

2. Moonlight. You walk along the promenade. It is a very romantic moment to make a proposal to your girlfriend, walking under the moon, hearing the sea wave noise.

3. Another romantic time to propose marriage is a sunrise. Make it just at a time when nature and everything comes to life and wakes up. Go to some beautiful secluded place and tell your beloved about your plans for the future.

propose marriage during sunrise

4. The next version - the classic and time-tested one, in addition, it is convenient because it can be used anywhere, anytime. A man stands on one knee, has the ring in the hand, and in the teeth - a rose. Giving beloved rose and wedding ring, he confesses his love and proposes marriage.

5. Invite your beloved to the theater and ask for permission of the administrator immediately after the show to go on stage with her to declare your intentions.

6. Organize a guided tour to some romantic place on earth. For example, to France, Venice, and others. And there, taking advantage of the moment, make a proposal.

a guided tour

7. Make beautiful cake with the words ‘Marry me’ or ‘Be my wife’, or just write it on the engagement ring as a surprise.

wonderful proposal

8. If your future wife is working, you can come to her in the middle of the working day with a big bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne and glasses, and put a wedding ring into one of them. It’s possible, of course, only if the place of work allows women to get a surprise.

9. If your girl is listening to the radio, arrange to have your marriage proposal sounded live in a time when she really listens to it, make her a proposal and then ask to tune on her favorite romantic song.

10. A romantic walk in the park. Fresh warm evening, playing good music, the track on which you walk is decorated with rose petals and lined with candles. You have decided to rest, and sat down on a bench, and there you are in for a surprise - a beautiful bouquet for your beloved. This romantic atmosphere is a great opportunity to make an original marriage proposal.

romantic walk in the park

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11. If you decide to make an offer during the harsh winter, find somewhere away from the outer world a lonely house with a fireplace. There is a snowstorm, strong wind and you are sitting in the house, the atmosphere is warm and cozy… Isn’t it a romantic opportunity to make a wedding proposal?

12. In front of her windows write a phrase with a chalk, something like this: ‘Your beloved name, will you marry me?’

13. At the restaurant gather your relatives, friends and loved ones and in such a large family circle make your proposal.

proposal ring

14. The next option is quite original and modern - a marriage proposal in movie theater. Imagine the scene: you and your girlfriend came to watch an interesting film. The hall is full of people, and before the film there is a broadcast video with your participation, during which a marriage proposal sounds – isn’t it romantic?

15. In the yard of the house (where she lives) make a little ‘meeting’, which will bring together your friends with banners of this type: ‘Marry me’ and the head will be her future husband with a bouquet and a ring in his hand.

16. It is possible to make a surprise on the anniversary of your acquaintance. Rent a room in a luxury hotel, but there is a surprise: a lot of rose petals and candles everywhere. Very well, if there is a covered table for two with a romantic dinner, during which it is possible to present a bouquet and a ring.

marry me

17. Create a blog about your life together or your dating period with pictures and beautiful words, poems. Present her a romantic blog and point to your plans for the future.

18. Prepare a surprise gift for a girl: in a large box put a smaller one, and inside of it there is smaller, etc. In the smallest box she will find the wedding ring. It is important that each box must be beautifully packaged.

19. If you live together, get up early and put it under the pillow or on your pillow - a letter with proposal words and a ring - awakening will be interesting and enjoyable.

beautiful proposal

20. Under her windows:

-  you with a guitar surrounded by friends, sing a serenade;

- you are as a part of the orchestra;

- you are surrounded by vast quantities of roses;

- if it is evening, you are surrounded by the candles with a declaration of love or marriage proposal.

21. The sky balloons with a banner and a particular sign or a proposal words.

banner with proposal words

22. If it’s possible, you can use a balloon or plane for this noble goal.

23. At the restaurant or in the café you can negotiate with the waiter to bring the champagne with the ring inside and also a girl's favorite dessert, decorated with a wedding ring.

24. Invite your lady to the place where you have met for the first time and made her a proposal there.

beautiful proposal

25. You can cook the gala dinner and decorate the table cloths with the words: ‘Marry me!’

26. You can order the famous poet in your town to write verses with a declaration of love, and it is possible to write such poetry yourself.

27. If your girl loves sweets, you can go to a cafe for a cup of coffee and cake, and ask a waiter to come around with a plate full of cakes with something like: ‘Will you marry me?’

28. If you are going to the beach, write the words on the sand in advance.

proposal on beach

29. Organize a romantic trip on a yacht. Fresh breeze, water splashes, romantic atmosphere - best for marriage proposal!

30. Arrange your girlfriend a surprise: hang the arrows around the house; they should lead to a place where there is a bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring. You tell her that in the end of the road she will get a surprise. Similarly, you can do it, but at the end of the path of rose petals you can decorate the bed and put a ring on it, etc.

31. A romantic trip in a huge balloon.

huge baloon

32. Invite your sweetheart to a concert of her favorite singer and agree with him that on your behalf he will make her an offer.

33. Make a banner with a romantic confession.

34. If you are fond of diving, make an offer under the water.

diving proposal

35. Invite a girl on swimming with dolphins. She will love it, she will be happy and you will have a good opportunity to make an offer.

36. At the rink. You can even invite friends to support you. Give roses to everyone, but if it is evening - give them candles – it would be a beautiful place to make an offer.

37. Organize a walk on horseback. Enjoying riding and the beauty of nature in the woods tell her about your intentions.

walk on horseback

38. Million of red roses or balloons. Prepare your sweetheart a surprise - decorate her house, or the room with roses, balloons – but there should be plenty of them! It will be a surprise and then even a bigger surprise in such a situation - your proposal.

39. Meeting with her parents. Go to the parents of your girls for lunch or just a cup of tea, and in the family circle, ask them for permission to get married.

40. During the birthday party of your girlfriend say nice toast in verse form with the proposal in the end. Find one in the Internet.

wedding day

This list could go on and on, because when people love there is always some romance! But no matter what idea you choose, and which way you like, remember that a marriage proposal is a significant event in the life of every couple. So try to make it a truly memorable one! Love each other and good luck!

We wish you to hear only ‘Yes!’

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