What are the best idioms about friendship?

What are the basic rules of friendship? What are the well-known quotes and idioms, which show the true character of friendship? Read the information below to learn more about it.

best idioms for friendship

What is friendship?

Sometimes any idiom about friendship wouldn’t say what it really is. Each person should have a friendship in the life. When the person has true friends, it strongly influences even on how happy he or she feels. But, unfortunately, sometimes a bit different relations hide behind a mask of friendship. And sometimes, as a result of it, the person feels disappointment. For each of us, it is important to have an ability to distinguish a friendship from other types of the relations, and for this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to know what friendship is. Besides, the understanding of what is friendship will help us to be a good friend, to find reliable friends and to keep the friendship strong. Friendship is not something external. It lies deeply in heart. Secondly, friendship arises spontaneously. No one can be forced to be a friend or to force someone to be the friend. The friendship is based on some main pillars, which are necessary both to create and to save it. These pillars are:

1. Mutual respect. What means to respect the friend? It means to treat him respectfully, to think about his opinion and to recognize the positive qualities. The respect is shown in words and affairs. The friend, to whom the respect is shown, feels that he is appreciated as the personality. Friends respect and help him not only because of a debt.

2. Trust. The trust means a confidence in respectability and sincerity of the friend, in the fact that he won't betray and won't deceive intentionally. The trust doesn't mean confidence that the friend will never make any mistake – all of us are imperfect.

These are two main conditions for friendship. Besides, the general moral values are important for friendship either. People who have different points of view will hardly be friends. The reason is simple: whether we will be able to show a respect to the person if we see that he makes acts, immoral for us? Origin of friendship will be promoted also by the existence of common interests or hobbies. However, for friendship, which exists long ago and is checked with time, this factor, probably, isn't basic. Friendly feelings don't depend either on a sex of the person nor on his age at all. They can be very strong and influence behavior and an emotional condition of the person. Nevertheless, these feelings never mean any love inclination. To find out what is it necessary for real friendship, there are idioms about friendship with meaning. This is the list of best idioms for friendship, which were said by some writers of other popular people sometimes.

idioms on friendship

Idioms about friendship

  • True friends understand each other without wasting words.
  • Be faithful in friendship and in love: then you shouldn't even think of other precepts.
  • If you look for the friend without shortcomings, you will stay without friends.
  • If it was necessary to choose — to betray my country or to betray my friend, I hope, I would find the courage to betray the country.
  • Before loving the enemies, try to treat the friends a little better.
  • True friendship is a precisely chosen relationship.
  • If you are angry when your friend wins, most likely, it means that you have no friends.
  • The woman can be the man's friend only in such sequence: at first, she is a mistress, and then she is a friend.
  • I wish well to you, therefore, I scold you. True friends are always recognized in this way!

Idioms about friendship

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  • When you move away from mountains, only then you see them in an original appearance. The same happens with friends.
  • Nothing is necessary to me. I choose a holiday with friends and I don't want fun in the crowd.
  • Friends can help the person. The true friend is the one who doesn't prevent you from being absolutely free, to be yourself and to feel.
  • Reproach the friend alone, and praise publicly.
  • Get friends slowly, and don't reject acquired.
  • True friendship, truthful happiness, and youth will never decay.
  • We can think that we completely control ourselves. However, the friend can tell us something that we have no idea about without effort.
  • Friendship is made for years and falls at one stroke.
  • The one who has a friendship with bad people will find nothing kind in life.
  • Don't ask friends about your shortcomings. Friends will say nothing about them. Know better what enemies speak about you.
  • The best that can be made for the friend is just to be a true friend for him.

idioms about friendship with meaning

  • Friends shouldn't feed and cover our bodies at all — they have to care for our souls.
  • The one who has met the suitable friend in the necessary minute is happy. Also, the one to whom the suitable enemy has met is happy.
  • The true friendship isn't always cloudless.
  • Books are friends.
  • The one, who is a friend to anyone, isn't my true friend.
  • There are no good friends, there are no bad friends. There are only people with whom you want to be, with whom you need to be and who live in your heart.
  • Friendship with yourself is a very important thing. Because without having made friends with yourself, you won't be able to be on friendly terms with anybody.
  • The most indissoluble friendship is the one, which begins in youth.
  • Over the years, I began to notice that friendship very often connects people with different and even opposite characters. A strong person wants to support spineless and to share the courage with them. A kind person wants to warm someone's cold, impenitent heart. Persistent man wants to infect the thoughtless one and to entrain him.

These are all best idioms on friendship. But you should remember that to understand whether is it a real friend, you just need to follow your heart, not any rules.

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