What are the best make out games for couples?

Make out games are a great way to feel more relaxed in a company, to have fun and maybe even attract the person you like.

Kissing games

Everyone likes to hug and kiss. But not always you have an appropriate partner with you. Or maybe you're just afraid to take thos bold step and dream about an ideal partner or even a superhero!

Anyway, take a look at our top make out games for couples!

Spin the Bottle

Who does not know about this good old game called Spin the Bottle? For those who still are not familiar with this good tradition of most youth parties, we'll explains the rules. All you need for this game is an empty bottle that you drank during the party. The players sit around the lying bottle. Then the leader spins it. The neck of the bottle will point at someone whom the leader must kiss. The one who had been kissed becomes the leader and spins the bottle.

There are different variants of this game, for example, there is an option when the the leader spins the bottle twice: the person at whom the bottle pointed first kisses someone at whom the bottle pointed second.

Erotic Game

The leader asks two men and two women to play the game. He decides how to distribute the pairs of players best, as belonging to one sex or the opposite. Then, he blindfolds two participants and asks them questions, showing on some other person. "Tell me where are you going to kiss? Here? Or here?". And shows some body part, for example, ears, lips, eyes, hands, etc. The leader keeps asking the questions until the blindfolded participant says "Yes". Then the leader asks: "How many times?" and shows different combinations on the fingers until the player says "Yes". Then he unleashes the eyes of the player and forces him to do what he agreed to - for example, to kiss the knee of a guy eight times.

Erotic game

The Attack of Kisses

This game from the very beginning strikes with its ambition and stunning logic. It's preferably to have an equal number of young men and women. Then the guys get the numbers and the girls get the letters (here everything depends on the number of players). Then  everybody select the volunteer, which lays on the floor. He calls a random combination of letters and numbers. For example, D6 or V3. If the guy is laying on the floor, then the girl under the letter D has to run up to him and kiss him, while the guy with the number 6 needs to try to stop her from kissing the person lying on the floor and kiss her himself. If a girl is laying on the floor, then everything is repeated exactly the opposite. The person who was kissed lays on the floor, and so on.

The attack of kisses

Kisses for the strip

This game is best spent when the company has had a fun evening, everybody is relaxed, alcoholic drinks has done their job, and everybody became "friends". The players stand up in front of each other - the guys in front of the girls. The first person kisses the girl and takes off one piece of clothing, then the girl kisses the guy and also takes off one piece of clothing. And so on, everybody kiss and take off one thing. Those who refuse to undress further, get out of the game. The players continue to a victorious end when there's nothing left to take off, and then decide what to do next.

Kisses for the strip

The Pigeons

Our grandfathers played this game with our grandmothers, but it still remains relevant and helps young people to gain what they seek - kissing. The company of friends needs to sit in a circle (this way it is easier to observe what is happening), then someone comes out to the middle of the circle and calls another participant, that is, the guy calls the girl, and the girl calls the guy. This is a very convenient mechanism: you choose the girl you want to kiss. Then the game begins.

The rules are very simple. The guy and the girl who are in the middle of a circle, should stand with their backs to each other. All the other members begin to loudly count to three. On the count of three,  the playing couple must abruptly turn their head right or left. If the boy and the girl turned to one side, then they are supposed to kiss. If they turned to the different sides ,  their place is taken by the next couple.

The Pigeons


It's a very nice game that even children play. You need to gather together and compose the table of colors. You need about the same number of girls and guys in a good relationship! The leader faces the others, and the victim stands behind him. The leader points at someone and asks the victim: "Kitty?" If the victim answers "Scat" (which means the victim does not agree), then the leader should point on the next person and ask again "Kitty?" If the answer is finally "Meow" (this means "Yes,I agree") the victim must name the color that she chooses from the table the colors and then turn around.

The table of colors

  • Crimson - a French kiss
  • Red — a kiss on the lips
  • Pink —a kiss on the cheek
  • Blue — a kiss on the neck
  • Purple — a kiss on the hand
  • Lilac — to bite the ear
  • Orange — to bite the nose
  • Black — to close yourself alone in a room without light for 2-3 minutes
  • White - to dance
  • Brown — to hug
  • Marsh — to exchange the clothes (only a few things)
  • Yellow — to shake hands.

The color table can be continued, and you can change the value of each color, so each time is a surprise.

Kiss-meow game

A Game with Matches

It's a beautiful game that helps young people get to know each other a bit better. Take an ordinary match. It's perfect when there's an equal amount of boys and girls. All participants should sit in a circle. The first participant, holding a match in the mouth, passes it to the next person who takes it the same way and then transfers to another. After completing the round, the match is shortened in half (break in two) and all repeats. Imagine how you will pass a match when the length is only 5 mm. To make things more complicated and deepen the contact during the transmission you can make the game more difficult, for example by putting a thin ring on the match.

A game with matches

Card kiss

For this game you need any playing card (preferably from a new pack). All participants stand in a circle and begin to pass around a card, using only the lips. You don't have to clamp the map with your lips! You need to draw the air with your lips so that the card sticks. It's hard to hold the card this way for a long time, so everything happens quickly. The players pass the card very quickly but someone still loses it... and here's an accidental kiss! The one who dropped the card gets out of the game.

The card kiss

The Chocolate Kisses

This game is the perfect ending of a fun youth party. The game is quite intimate and erotic. The pieces of chocolate stick to quite naked girls. The blindfolded males have to find the chocolate with their lips. Next, the partners switch places, and so on until the full satisfaction... Just try not to forget about the chocolate.

The Chocolate Kiss

The kissing campaign

There are two teams. The men and women team line up one by one. The task of the men is, alternately heading to the ranks of women, to kiss each of them and after they finished "the kissing campaign", the man symbolizing the end of the job has to say: "I'm finished". The leader keeps track of the time that each participant spent. Who finishes faster is the winner.

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