What are the best sex positions for getting pregnant?

Do you want to become a parent but you can't get pregnant? This article will help you understand why and give you some tips!

sex positions

Most of the couples want to eventually conceive a baby but sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes it doesn’t work because the sex positions were chosen in a wrong way.

There definitely are ways you can succeed in getting pregnant but you have to be thoughtful about it. Think about your sex and discuss it with your loved one. Maybe you have to change something?

Even though there are no guarantees that a certain way of having sex will make it work, there are certainly sex positions that increase chances of pregnancy.

But first of all remember that you have to have sex as often as possible during your ovulation days. It is the period when you are most likely to get pregnant.

Why the sex positions for pregnancy work?

As you know, the sperm of a man has to reach a woman’s egg to make the conceiving possible. Moreover, it has to happen fast. Sometimes choosing the wrong position will make things harder for the sperm to travel.

That’s why you have to think properly about this important factor. You sex position for getting pregnant should be very comfortable for the man to get inside fast.

It is also essential for the woman to have orgasm because it makes the move of the sperm faster.

sex positions

Sex positions to get pregnant faster

One of the most traditional and well-known positions is Missionary.

The man has to be on top of the women. Her legs should be spread out wide. This way the man gets a chance to get all the way inside. There is no doubt that the sperm will get to the egg.

Moreover, it is a very simple way of having sex that is known for everyone and that is also quite easy to perform.

Some people suggest putting a pillow underneath the hips of a woman so that the sperm goes forward even more quickly. Try missionary once again but try to get as deep as possible!

The second most famous position is Doggy style. It is more loved among men than women as it is very simple and very satisfying.

What is more, you have a lot of chances to get pregnant while performing this way of having sex. It works because the cervix of a woman is opening up more than usual. It will make the penetration easier.

sex positions

Glowing triangle position can be very helpful too. It is very similar to the Missionary pose but there is a slight difference for the men. They still have to be on top of the woman but their legs have to be spread out.

If you want to put a pillow underneath your hips, it will be a great idea for almost all of the sex positions because it brings you up a little bit.

It is also different from the missionary meaning you can wrap the legs around the partner. It basically depends on your personal preferences.

As with any other position listed here, the penetration will certainly be deep and full which will make it easier for the sperm to transform further.

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The man can rest and the girl can just push him in and out which will create more intimacy and make your sex more interesting.

The rock and roller or anvil – a good choice too!

It also refers to the missionary position as the base for most of them. The main purpose of this position is for the men to reach the G-spot of a woman.

The woman is down on her back and her legs have to be brought up high. After she does that the man has to enter. Do not hesitate – it will be a very pleasing position.

You can also try the magic mountain sex position for getting pregnant. It is somewhat similar to the doggy style but it includes more intimacy between the partners.

The girl has to stand on her knees and the elbows also have to touch the surface. Try using pillows if it makes you feel more comfortable. The more you bend the more chances of having the cervix open you have.

This position is great for every aspect of sex. First of all, it helps you reach your goal in getting pregnant. But what is more, it is also extremely pleasurable and both partners will deeply enjoy it.

Another sex position for pregnancy that you will surely enjoy is called spooning.

The rock and roller or anvil

First of all, your body has to be placed at a 90 degree angle. This way a man has a lot of opportunities to penetrate very well and deep.

Of course there are different kinds of the same sex position and you can try all of them and then decide which one would be perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to discuss it with your partner.

If both of you agree on the same position it will bring you a lot of joy.

If you are seeking something extraordinary, the Plough pose might be a perfect option for you. The girl has to stand on her hands and the man has to hold her legs.

It can be obviously quite hard for those who aren’t training. But you will still have fun if you try.

You can also try to make love in different places – not just in your bed. First of all, some people find it boring doing the same thing all over again.

sex positions

What is more, if you do it on the table or a washing machine it becomes easier for a man to get in which is also good if you have a purpose to get pregnant.

No expert can promise you that all of that is going to make you pregnant. The process of making a baby isn’t as simple as it seems – there are a lot of important factors.

Moreover, every person is different so there can be no predictions made.


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