What are the best tips how to get a girlfriend?

If you still have no girlfriend, do not get upset. In the article, we will give you the best tips how to get a girl of your dream. Continue reading to get more information that will change your life!

Tips how to get a girlfriend

What are the best tips how to get a girlfriend?

Life is always better when you have someone who loves you. If you have not had any relationship recently or a newbie to dating, then a question how to get a girlfriend is important for you.

Please remember that you should be ready for a relationship because having a girlfriend is a real commitment that needs efforts and steadiness. Women always feel when you are not ready for serious connection.

How to get a girlfriend

To succeed in this issue, just start following these simple tips how to get a girlfriend. Now we are going to show you the right path to a new relationship.

Think about your desired type of girlfriend

Write out a list of standards that you want to find in your future girlfriend. Of course, you do not have to stick to the list while looking for the woman of your dream, because you might never find any. However, you need to have a particular idea about the type of a girl you want to meet. You might ask yourself the following questions:

How to find a girlfriend?

  • Would you date a woman who has kids?
  • Would you like to date a vegetarian girl?
  • Should your girlfriend also like The Sopranos like you?
  • Would you like to do shopping together?

Would you date a woman who has kids?

Do you get the idea? This approach will also help you to decide where to look for a girlfriend.

Get yourself in order

All women believe that your external appearance always reflects your soul. Therefore, never look like a homeless on the outside, your chances to get a girlfriend equal to zero. Psychologists tell about four key aspects of your appearance, which must be ideal before you start a relationship. They are: 

How to get yourself in order

  • Wardrobe. There is one vital thing while we are talking about wardrobe. Always wear clothes that are suitable for you. If your clothes do not fit right, it will make you look untidy. Women point out that plenty of men make this juvenile mistake
  • Health. Try to eat healthy food and go in for sports regularly. Women love such men who care about own health and lifestyle. Your girlfriend will undoubtedly adore you when you know how to cook a delicious meal by yourself
  • Hair. Since recently, the hairstyle has been becoming an important issue for men also. Go to a salon and have your haircut modernized. Contemporary people who would like to get a girlfriend of their dream also take care of their eyebrows and facial hair
  • Hygiene. We do not mean just a shower every day. You should also keep your nails clean and groomed, trim your genital hair, and, for example, learn how to use exfoliants properly

Learn how to use exfoliants properly

Where to find a girlfriend?

While looking for a girlfriend, never limit yourself to nightclubs or café. The considerable part of men always makes this mistake. Instead of this, try such a place which will give you a particular idea of woman`s interests and temperament. For instance, you can meet an attractive girl in the following locations:

  • While visiting a library or a museum
  • While taking a class in cooking or photography
  • While becoming a member of theater or foreign language club

Where to find a girlfriend?

The key advantage of meeting a woman at such social places is evident. You will share plenty of same interests and have something to discuss. Therefore, it would be much easier to break the ice.

Show confidence

All women like confident men. When you have emotional stability, you have a job, you go to the gym, you make plans for future, and then you are ready to get a girlfriend. Confidence is not just to be bigheaded. Being positive is the best way to show sureness. Never depreciate yourself. 

All women like confident men

Please also keep in mind that a confident man will never criticize menu, café, drink selection, etc. For example, is a dish was bad, do not trash it but make a joke instead. Only men who have no confidence will disparage everything around them always.  Women hate destructive people. 

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Learn how to flirt

Men should consider flirting like the following. Your aim is very simple – make your girlfriend feel comfortable and safe. That is all. If you flirt to get her cell phone number, you will never succeed. However, if you make a woman feel great about herself, you will receive everything. Here are some tips on how to flirt.

  • Show woman that she is your only interest
  • Always think that you are talking to the only goddess on the planet while flirting
  • Look only at her. She is the only woman in the area
  • Say original compliments
  • Think of all she says and calmly bring it up later

Learn how to flirt

Ask a girlfriend on a date

If you more or less know a woman, for example, from either a library or a museum, it is high time that should ask her if she would like to go on a date.

Attention!Be sure that she understands that it will be the date but not the friendship day trip. While asking her on a date, it is desirable that you name all the places you are going to visit. It will create a clear picture in woman`s mind. Now she will know how to dress and what to expect.

Study the principle dating tips

Always being yourself is the most significant dating rule. If you choose to act formally when you are a man-next-door type, you will end up seeming crooked. If you joke all the time when you are a serious man, you will possibly finish saying something aggressive. Do you get the clue? Be yourself!

Ask a girlfriend on a date

We offer you essential dating tips that might help you. They are:

  • Never get drunk. You will have no other chance
  • Listen carefully. It is the top way to display you are interested in the woman. Women like men who respect them
  • Never tell about your ex-girlfriends. Woman hate to deal with men who carry the baggage of the previous relationship
  • Turn off all your gadgets while on the date. Woman must get all your attention
  • Never follow up with an email or SMS. The better way to thank your woman is simply to call her


As you see, these tips are quite easy to comply with while jumping into the dating game. Remember one important thing: your girlfriend is a part of your life, but she should not be your entire life. Just do your best to create such a life that your sweetheart would desire to be a part of. Thus, you will immediately increase your chances to have the long-lasting, happy, and healthy relationship. We know – you will succeed!

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