What are the first things guys notice when they meet a girl?

What are real men’s preferences? What do they pay attention to first of all? Read the article below to understand their tastes better.

Every girl wishes to know what guys think about her when they see her for the first time. It might be your eyes, breast, waist or legs. But you cannot know for sure. You might be surprise with their thoughts, as some of them are really unexpected.

what do guys notice first about a girl

Girls’ opinion

The majority of women are actually wrong about things the guys care:

  • The boys pay attention to makeup. So many ladies spend lots of time on putting it on their faces. However, men usually do not pay attention whether you have your mascara on or not. In fact, they like your natural look more.
  • Strange obsessions. You might feel confused about your secret passion to some books or TV series. But it does not matter for males. They even may support you.
  • Hairdo changes. Ladies should have understood it long time ago. Your hairdo is not interesting for men at all. That’s why do not be upset and offended if he has not noticed it.

things guys notice when you first meet

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  • Sweating. Plenty of girls find it disgusting and do everything to hide that they are sweating too. Relax! Guys completely understand that you are a human, not an alien from Mars. Moreover, they adore sporty ladies.
  • Order in a restaurant. Women are sure boys look at what they eat and might make some conclusions. It is almost never true, so eat what you want. The only thing a guy may conclude of your food passion is how costly will it be for him to date you in the future, based on the cost of food you’ve ordered.

What do guys notice first about a girl?

In order to understand males better, you must be able to recognize what they keep in mind. Things guys notice when you first meet are extremely important. Their thoughts create an image of you as a girl in their head. Look at the most unexpected of them and forget about stereotypes and prejudices:

  • Eyes. You think that men never look in your eyes? They do! They are windows to your soul and men understand it well. Seeing them, they can tell whether a woman tells the truth or not. About 70% of guys notice them first of all.

things guys notice when you first meet1

  • Breast. Of course, it is impossible to find a boy, who does not like this part of girl’s body. Nevertheless, it is not the most important item for them. It is just the sign of a woman’s fertility, so males look at it instinctively.
  • Legs. There is nothing more attractive than long slim sporty legs on high heels. They adore seeing ladies in tight skirts and even tighter shorts. Besides, they love strong hips. This is another sign of your fertility.
  • Hair. Do not mix this up with hairdo. Males pay attention to healthy and beautiful hair and not to the style they have. Sometimes they like the smell too.
  • Smile. Few women know about it, but their smile is the most noticeable thing. They pay attention to a smiling girl first, as she looks open, lively and communicable. What is more, your smile can show how genuine and sincere you are. Even when you aren’t so pretty but smiling most of time, you will look – surprise, surprise – several time more attractive than other girls who don’t smile. They would spot and distinguish you amongst all others in the crowd when you have smile on your face, remember that.

what do guys notice first about a girl1

  • Weight. It might be a bit offensive, but all men notice it. However, tastes differ concerning this issue.
  • Skin. If you have a good complexion, it means you are healthy. So, males always notice the healthy condition of a skin.
  • Fake or not fake. All they guys are interested of how natural a girl is. He may be attracted by something like false laces, but he will never like them.

what do guys notice first about a girl2

  • Clothes. This is probably the most surprising thing for the women. The truth is that they prefer ladies, who wear stylish and elegant clothes. Do not be mistaken thinking that they like girls, who shows too much of their skin. This is only relevant for immature boys in the period of high hormones peak in puberty and on the beach.

Now you are fully aware of what do guys notice first about a girl. With the help of those data, you will never feel confused about unimportant things. Consider the information and you will become the most attractive lady!

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