What Are The Most Effective Ways To Please People?

Are you looking for tips on how to be a people-pleaser? Well, we’ve got some interesting ideas for you. So, keep reading to see how far you’ve gone in your attempts to please people.

to please peopleYou know how people are never satisfied with you, your performance and anything you do? Yes, we have all been there. However, we have an idea on how you can stop being yourself with your likes and dislikes and become a real people-pleaser instead. Sounds intriguing? Well, let’s start.

So, how to please people and make them like you?

First of all, try to say yes to everything they ask you to do for them. So what if they want you to come and pick them up at a restaurant far away in the woods late at night? If you want these people to like you, then agree to everything they ask you about.

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On top of that, one of the most efficient things to do to please people is to be proactive and offer them to do something huge for them. If you see them having a hard time with anything, suggest helping them. And it does not matter that you are not very good at this thing either! You will take their burden and start looking for ways to solve their problems for them – and they will be absolutely pleased! Is not that great?

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Moreover, always be happy with whatever they say or offer. So what if you don’t approve of something or do not support certain ideas? If you express that you disapprove of something or oppose their suggestions on doing particular things, then you won’t be able to please them. And that is not what you are looking for. Therefore, whenever asked anything, be always supportive no matter you personally believe in about it.

And also, try to keep your thoughts to yourself. Nobody cares what you think, and you should not even try to express any ideas. So, keep it to yourself. As time goes by, you will even learn how to completely ignore your feelings and thoughts and just stick to those of people around you. Pleasing someone means being agreeable in everything and not firm when it comes to certain principles.

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Even more, you should avoid staying in your words. Do not try to offer alternatives; just follow the ones that already exist. You don’t want to seem to be a strong personality as people don’t feel comfortable being around those that stick to their guns and always have something to say about things that they believe to be necessary.

Try to become one whole with the crowd. Stop being a personality with your strength and weaknesses. Choose the one you like and become his or her shadow. Don’t try to stand out and draw attention. This never helps if you are only trying to be a man-pleaser. You should always be the quiet one, with no particular opinion or any thoughts about anything.

To be a man-pleaser, you also need to seem entirely self-sufficient. Never ask for help with anything. You can do everything without them. And even if you can’, just make sure not to say a word about it. You don’t want to make people worry about you or help with your burdens in life. You should help them out the bit they don’t owe you anything.

Always seek approval of other people. Man-pleaser all do that. That is the only thing that matters to them. Nothing else should count. So, whatever you do, remember that your primary goal here is to get a round of applause. If you did not get it, start eating your heart out.


Always say thing people want to hear. That is not too complicated. All you need to do to please people is to keep your tongue between your teeth whenever you feel like saying something you believe in at the moment. And instead, try to say things that people like to here. Always compliment them and mention how smart and funny and kind they are even after they do horrible things. If you don’t do that, you might not be too good at pleasing people.

And you know what else? Here is a great quote about pleasing people. It can be found in the Bible. God says that those whom He calls man-pleasers avoid, to tell the truth when its bitter and people won’t like it. Here is what He tells the ministers He chose: “convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.” However, that no one will enjoy being scolded for anything, they decide to skip this part and go straight to the part we are all willing to hear: how good we are in all we do, and how much people around us are amazed at our words, choices and pieces of wisdom we share.

Finally, if you want to make a good man-pleaser, you should never be strict. If someone was unreasonable with you, never let him or her know about it. Let hem realize it on their own (if they ever will). Telling the truth and setting boundaries is never good for your image. Remember how our parents were not quite popular with us whenever they told not to do something even though we knew they were right? Well, the same works for those around us. They don’t like to be limited in anything. SO, let them do whatever they want to do not set limits.

And we really hope that once you implement all these tips and learn how to please people, you will see how miserable and wrong the life of a man-pleaser is. We sincerely hope that once you feel it, you will make sire stick to your ground and fight for things you believe in. Your life should never be a question of approval of others around you. If you ever want to get approval from anyone, this should be God and no one else. Do not let people rule your life, choices, motives, and dreams. It is not worth it! So, be yourself and share these tips with those you think to need help in this area.

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don't let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” (Jim Carrey)

Remember these words, and never let the desire of being accepted stay in the way of letting people love you for who you are, not for who they want you to be.

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