What are the possible causes of painful sex for women?

What causes painful sex in women? Get 5 causes and solutions for them now.

symptoms of painful sex in females

At times ladies complain that sexual interaction causes pain instead of enjoyment. What might be the reason for such a thing and why women endure painful sex?

5 causes and symptoms of painful sex in females

  1. Extra dryness
    Usually, it appears at the older age, when the level of hormones goes down. However, even young girls may experience it at times. The cause might be the use various personal hygiene products, such as soaps, shower gels or wet napkins. They simply over dry your skin. You should change your cleaning routine and consult a doctor, as it may be the consequence of a rapid hormonal change. And use some lube to enjoy sex.
    symptoms of painful sex
  2. Itching in your private parts combined with discharge
    Pay attention and visit a doctor if your discharge smells bad or changes its color. It might be the symptom of a yeast infection or even of STD.
  3. Vagina gets too tight
    This is a pretty rare condition called vaginismus. No one knows the cause of it. What you can do is train your Kegel's muscles and do vaginal workouts to ease the situation.
  4. Itching
    No discharge, but severe itching, well it may be caused by poor hygiene or by the use of improper soap and excessive dryness of the skin.
  5. Deep penetration pain
     Some women are born with tipped uterus. When a man goes in too deep, he pushes it in the wrong direction, and that causes pain. The only way to stop the pain is by avoiding deep penetration.
    painful sex in females 2016

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As you see, these tips can help you to enjoy sex more and forget about the pain.

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