What are the reasons why a man wants to keep your relationship in secret?

Can hiding of relationships can be a reason that man does not want or is not ready to take responsibility for the woman? How to understand it? Read the article to learn the main points about this problem.

secret relations

There are situations when a woman communicates with a man and often has quite close relations, but the man does not want to have a meeting new friends and acquaintances of his girlfriend, and of course, her family. The reasons may be different. Let’s explain them in more detail.

The man is not ready for a serious relationship

Go to bed with woman does not mean that the man is ready for serious relationships. No matter how old he is, in his development he may be in youthful carefree state. And of course, there is a mistake of women if she allowed private relationship before she understood the true motives of such a man.

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If sex has not happened yet, it is better for both sides. The woman just holds the man on distance, and if he doesn't start to take this issue seriously, nothing will happen. Maybe he will talk something about friendship, but do not lose vigilance. The woman should be easy to say "goodbye" to such man. When a man is ready for a serious relationship? When he will start developing personality. Primitive man does not need a woman because he can't make her really happy.

relations in secret

The man does not want or is not ready to take responsibility for the woman

The man should take full responsibility for the woman. Therefore, the question why the man is having a secret relationship may be the reason that he is afraid and perhaps unable to take responsibility for a woman both materially and spiritually. Why? The man is not ripe enough for beginning new relationships yet. It's really a big responsibility: to provide safety and emotional support for the woman. There is one way: the man should develop himself, and the woman has to wait or to choose other partner.

The man just uses a woman

A very common cause in our time is when so-called ‘real man’ dates a woman just for sex or for money (yes, it is also a common case). Clever woman immediately recognizes this situation. A woman should stop this attitude firmly and decisively, she should not allow using her.

A man fears to lose freedom

After all, a serious relationship entails certain responsibilities and consequently, it is needed to give more time to everything. So, he will have to give up something familiar, for example, part of communication with friends, useless visits to bars and other things. Men often value their freedom and behave accordingly. The woman should in this case not to let him get close relationships. Then he will change or leave.

secret love relations

Men do not need this woman

It happens that a man and a woman build secret relationship just for the sake to be with someone. Barely more attractive option appears, and some of them immediately disconnect the current relations. It is one of the most popular secret relationship stories.

The woman can be just a mistress and do not know it

There are cases when a man is married or already is in a serious relationship, and the woman is only a mistress. Sometimes the woman has no clue about it. However, if the woman knows it, she needs to break down such relationships immediately because, in addition to troubles, it will bring nothing good.

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