What are the side effects of sex

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Is it really because of the antics you can get straight to the hospital? And it happens in our time. Having sex as long until Allergy, pain, or loss of consciousness.

Overdose of sex can be dangerous. We have always believed that orgasm improves our health. But the Director of "Center for women's well-being" reports that after an orgasm in a woman's body is the overabundance of different neurochemical processes, and this leads to the sickness. The woman may feel unwell. Condition like the common cold and can last a whole week. So be careful with the orgasms.

Some of the girls has Allergy to male semen. After sexual intercourse a burning sensation and typical allergies. The body needs just to get used to you. Other ladies may experience an allergic reaction to the lubricants or latex. Then we recommend you to change your contraceptive. Because the choice is now huge. Do not worry.

Sexual depression

What does a woman want? We can't understand. Now she wants to have sex, the next minute you change your mind. It happens. Studies have shown that this is due to hormonal surges. So better give her time and things will get better. Just don't push your woman.

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