What are the signs of female maturity in relationships?

Do you think you are the mature woman in the relationships? There are some things you should never do if you want to be happy. Check 15 things the mature woman never does in the relations.

mature woman in the relationships

Relationships can come with their own unique struggles, but some things are universally immature and worth avoiding for a happier relationship. Here are 15 things mature woman always avoids:

1.    She always thanks her partner

 thanks her partner

When women are in the relationship for a long time, almost all of them have one very common mistake -  they forget to thank their partner. However, mature women is happy if someone shares life with her, this is a gift, and she is grateful for it. She always remembers to say “please” and “thank you” to her man.

2.    She doesn’t focus on her men’s bad traits

She doesn’t focus on her men’s bad traits

Mature women try to focus only on the good things their partner says and does, instead of concentrating on the negative ones. Such women never judge their partner for their flaws.  Moreover, they understand that every person can have flaws, even themselves.

3.     She doesn’t sacrifice other relationships

 She doesn’t sacrifice other relationships

Most women forget about other important relationships in their life and devote all time only to their partner. Of course, it is understandable during the honeymoon period. However, keep in mind that your friends and relatives have been in your life longer than your man. Mature women always have a balance between all relations.

4.    She doesn’t give up financial independence

financial independence

Even though your partner is wealthy enough, you shouldn’t give up your financial independence. If you do that, it actually can mean giving up your independence in general. Mature woman is proud and happy when she can buy things on her own, so she shouldn’t ask her partner for everything.

5.    She doesn’t give up her self-respect

    She doesn’t give up her self-respect

It doesn’t matter how long you are in the relationships; you should never lose your self-respect. Mature women never allow their partners to treat them negatively or contemptuously. They respect their partners and expect the same from them.

6.    She never gives up her dreams

6.    She never gives up her dreams

The mature woman understands that good relationships will never drag her down. Instead of that, great relations force her to pursue her dreams. She always struggles to be happy if she stopped following dreams.

7.    She doesn’t give up her space

free woman

Mature women value their time, and they want to spend it alone as much as they can. In spite of the fact that their relationships are so great, they still need to go to the gym, read the book, walk or devote time to their favorite hobbies. They don’t want to do everything with their partners because they understand that their men also want to spend some time alone.

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8.    She never thinks that her version of happiness is the only one


Mature women know that everyone’s idea of happiness is different. If their partner enjoys space, they give it to them, and if they enjoy affection, they provide them with that instead. Most importantly, they do not make assumptions about how to make their partner happy.

9.    She doesn’t take “I love you” lightly

“I love you”

Mature women understand the importance of those three words, so they work hard to keep the phrase special, no matter how long they have been with their partner. They say these words only the right moments.

10.    She never gives up her identity

She never gives up her identity

When the mature woman starts a new relationship, it is great if she becomes interested in her partner’s hobbies. It can be a lot of fun to share interests together.  Nevertheless, she never gives up her own hobbies for someone else. Instead of that, she remains excited about both her man’s hobbies and her own.

11.    She never shares her relationships with the world


You should understand the intimacy of your relationships.  If you want to be a mature woman, avoid discussing your arguments on social media or in front of others. Never involve relatives or friends to your conflicts! Instead, communicate with your loved one to solve all problems and keep in mind that your relations are only for you and your partner.

12.    She praises her partner for his achievements

praises her partner for his achievements

When a mature woman loves someone, she wants to make this person as happy as possible. Therefore she always supports her loved one and celebrates his achievements with him. A mature woman never resents her partner for his accomplishments.

13.    She never gives up her happiness

never gives up her happiness

The mature woman understands that her partner is the part of her happiness. This state of mind is so important for her, so if the relationship doesn’t bring her happiness, she will quit it. Also, she expects her man to make her happy when she feels sad.

14.    She doesn’t need to be always in contact with her partner

contact with her partner

The mature woman understands that constant emailing and texting is just waste of her own time. She never tries to control her partner, because she is secure enough to trust him when they are not together. Overall, it is important for such woman to have own busy life, so she doesn’t need constant communication with her loved one.

15.    She doesn’t let her man make all decisions

 She doesn’t let her man make all decisions

The mature woman understands that it is important to respect each other’s decisions. It concerns every decision, from the big ones such as having children, getting married, purchasing the house, to smaller ones, like where to go for the vacation or which refrigerator to buy. Remember, your partner should always listen to your opinion and vice verse. 

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