What are the signs that he won't stop loving you?

You met a boy and he says he loves you very much. And it feels so good to be with him. Read this list and find out the main symptoms of love, if he is really in love with you and if he could be your future husband.

real love

  1. It is very easily to have a relationship when all is good: both of you have money, you have no debts, you are healthy. If you have kids, they are okay as well. However, it becomes not so sunny when you get some of these problems. A man, who loves you, will appreciate your relationship very much and doesn't let any of little or big daily troubles drain your happiness. So it is one of the greatest love signs, that he doesn't escape when things go wrong, but tries to solve your issues together and save your love. It is perfect when while doing this he supports you as much as he can and controls his bad emotions. 
  2. It often happens that men have issues at work, and these problems make their mood awful. People, who don't think about their second half will bring all these problems to their family. They will be angry and annoyed, and they can even argue with wives or yell at poor girls just because they are upset with their work. It is a sign of weakness or a lack of care. Your person will always try not to hurt your feelings and not to humiliate you because someone did the same to him. A real man will hide his negative feeling and prefers just to stay quiet.
  3. If someone adores you and wants to have long term relationship with you, he will try to please you however he can. You will see it in numerous daily little he didn't care until he met you. For example, he will try to be neater, or to pay more attention to how clean his home is. He will do it not because he started to like it (don't hope so), but because he knows these things make you upset. Your boyfriend will try to make your mutual life as comfortable for you as it is possible. Maybe he will even stop to throw his clothes in his room.

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3. Another true love symptom of a boy is he supports and understands you always. He thinks not only about himself but spends much time to help you become the greatest version of yourself. When you need his wise advice, you are sure you will get it. When people are real soul mates, they back each other and try to make their mutual life better. He will accept your problems as his problems and solve them for you just because he is a man which mans he has to be stronger than you.

4. The next real love sign is he makes you know he loves you. It is not only about kind compliments he will surely do, but more about making you feel euphoric inside from his love. It happens girls feel sad just because of an unsuccessful make-up or a bad hair day. The boy, who wants to live with you will always put himself in your place and understand your female issues without getting annoyed.

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5. No one is perfect. And when you have some flaws, or you did some missteps, he will never use it against you but will laugh together with you. The person, who appreciates you, won’t get angry easily, especially knowing it will hurt you. For instance, he planned a romantic surprise for this evening, and you had to do an overtime work. So he will not get furious you destroyed all his plans and not blame you until you start to cry.
6. Another symptom of true love is he avoids of making you feel jealous. Of course, everyone needs to have their free space and relationships aren't look like a leash with a collar. However, it is not okay if your boyfriend constantly makes you go through the hell of a jealous just because he likes to feel girls attention. Your soul mate will save you from any bad feelings and will let you know you are the one for him.
7. A real couple is focused rather on giving happiness to each other than on getting it. If he  wants to have a strong and stable relationships with you, he will be happy when you are ok. And opposite he won't let you stay in a sad mood because your hard time is his problem as well. If it is your person, he will always be honest with you. Real love can't be based on a lie. You have to trust your partner and don't to feel his pressure on you.

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Find out types of relationships you should stop because you fit badly.

  • You rarely laugh with him, and you even feel some pressure. Lack of positive emotions between a couple is always a bad sign. Another sign you have too run is you can’t be yourself with him. And you can’t feel yourself free while talking with him. You analyze every your word or action. You always have to pretend you are someone else just because you afraid to lose him. It is not okay. You have to leave him.
  • You don’t see any future with him. Deep inside you understand you are not a couple or you feel he cheats you. And you don’t want to show him to your friends or relatives. There is no reason to stay with this boy. Break up your connection and focus better on self-improvement. Don’t worry; there are many nice guys better than this one.
  • It can happen that you met someone, who likes to manipulate other people including you. This person will not make any efforts to save your feelings or not to hurt you. The main for him are his goals, not yours. So he will not spend the time to help you solve your problems or become better. These boys are often very handsome, sweet and charismatic. They are wise enough to make their manipulation so carefully and quite that you will not even notice it. Beware of these guys.
  • Another type of bad guys will convince you they are the best and the only person you need, so you have to stop to communicate with your friends and relatives. Together with a pressure such people often do to their second half this trick will help them to lose your support and make you feel helpless.
  • You argue every day. This means you are very different people, and it would be better to stop torture each other. You just see things not similar and have different life’s outlook. Go away until you didn’t ruin your self-esteem completely. 


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