What are the things to consider about a woman prior to marrying her?

What are the qualities of good wife? Why it is necessary that the wife should possess pretty face and fine type of character? Read the information below to learn the best marriage tips for Nigerian men.

Tips before marrying

Tips before marrying

What are the best marriage tips how to choose ideal wife? What qualities should she possess? Here are some of them:

  • Smart woman. Normal man like to talk to intelligent woman. So IQ of a woman should be above average level. To develop the intelligence, the woman should love to read and be able to think critically.
  • A negative opinion about divorce. The woman who mentions divorce with the approval (for example, her friend divorced with her husband not because of adultery or cruel treatment of husband) in the conversation and says that divorce is one of the solutions of family problems, doesn't suit you. Remember: marriage is successful when couple does not think about divorce, searching for a solution of the problem in it.

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  • A woman should be with attractive face and qualities. Most women start to gain weight with ages. Women always gain a little weight, anyway. Man has to see his wife every day. Therefore, she must be attractive to her husband on face and in qualities. When her body changes its shape, the only thing that remains is her face and character that husband will have to see every day.
  • A woman should love you. Every man wants to be loved. He wants that feelings of his lady were selfless. Everyone is fine when you are loved not for achievements, car or status, but for your human qualities.

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  • One of the most important tips for marrying – the woman should respect your family. At the initial stage of relations, this point can be smoothed with passion to each other, but after some time the reluctance of wife to deal with her husband's family may cause permanent quarrels. Every man wants his closest people not only to have good relationship, but genuinely get pleasure from communication.
  • A woman should be good in cooking. Some men, especially those who can afford regular lunches and dinners in the restaurants or caffes, are disingenuous when they say that the ability to cook is not the most important female quality. Everything changes when a woman becomes a wife. Therefore, never neglect this point and study cookbook!

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