What are the things to think about before the first sex with a guy?

The first sex relationship is something to think about. The girls have a lot of questions. Find some of the answers below.

first sex

For boys and girls, not yet aware of what first sex, it seems to be something fantastic and incredibly desirable. The feeling after the first sex to be remembered for a lifetime, so each decides when this should happen. It often happens that spontaneous intimacy gives no pleasure, and those who had it first, just don't know what to do next. So after the first sex problems for a long time they do not want its recurrence.

The first proximity is not only a delightful discovery. This is a challenge to which we need to prepare well. Correct sex guarantees that in the future, intimacy will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of life that can make human existence the most bright and joyful. So for each girl, the first step to intimacy with a guy would have to be deliberate.

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first sex

First sex tips

The correct sex for the first time can be only with full confidence that the desire is large enough and the time to enter into a close relationship has come. You should not simply yield to the entreaties of a friend or girlfriend or do it just to satisfy their interest. In this case, the feeling after the first sex can be either too dull or even unpleasant, which may adversely affect future intimate life partners. The sense for the first time should be incredible, is a pledge of full future, the success of which depends on many components, in which sex plays a leading role. First sex how was it and what memories must be beautiful every girl with a guy.

first sex

First sex advices

To those who have decided to take this serious step, inevitably ask the question – how to prepare for this event?  However, many young people are embarrassed to address such issues to their parents or adults and peers who already know what intimacy, tips which are often given appear to be stupid and sometimes harmful.

First and foremost, you need to be confident in your partner and trust him. Should not  drink alcohol for the sake of someone's amateurish advice or out of fear that "the first sex it hurts." Alcohol will minimize not only fear but also a pleasant sensation, which is highly undesirable.

first sex

Where should this happen?

It is critical to find a place where no one can hinder you, and you will have the opportunity long enough to stay together. Unfortunately, in the age where people lose their innocence, most of them do not have the chance to be alone. In the car, there is not enough space to sit comfortably and to choose the most comfortable position, in the nature you are immune from prying eyes, and the sanitary conditions there are not suitable for the deprivation of innocence.

Best of all, of course, that the first sex to be happened on a comfortable bed with clean sheets. Warmth, comfort, and sufficient space will help you relax. And the bathroom will be useful both before and after sex. Take a shower together! Explore each other's bodies, and start loving the game under the warm jets of water. Get your time. Sex is not only penetration of one body to another. Real full sex begins a little earlier.

first sex

First sex how does it feel

You have to understand that the guy may not know what you like if you don't tell him about it. Take the initiative, get his hand and place it where you most want it to feel. Don't be afraid to ask him to change position or modify the rhythm of the movement. Keep in mind, if a guy in this sex also the first, it is undoubtedly nervous, and his penis can even lose an erection. Need understanding, patience, and affection, to bring him back to life. That's why you are not to hurry.

Don't worry about how to achieve orgasm simultaneously. Some women do not immediately begin to experience this feeling before they have gained experience. But even if both of you will be able to climax the first time, the chance to "get" back together, you have a small one. You need some experience. Just enjoy each other and rely on one another, be honest about what you enjoy and what satisfies you – it will help to achieve harmony in sex.

first sex

First sex questions

Many young people think so before their first sexual contact, and most importantly, what interests them – is it possible to have sex painlessly? The answer is: Yes.

During the first introduction, you can feel the pain and discomfort, but not as a rule. Just don't need to get hung up on the fact that it hurts.

If pain occurs, it is usually mild and of short duration, similar to the prick of the needle. But also the sensation of pain may occur because of fear, discomfort, the reduction of muscles. Therefore,  you should try to relax!

Many girls prefer to have sex the first time being in the position of the top guy. Others like the classic pose, when the girl is lying on her back – so you can relax more. Select what is best suited for you and will help to minimize discomfort.

first sex

Losing your virginity is usually accompanied by a slight loss of blood, but in 10% of girls in such cases was not observed. Do not be afraid; the blood is quite a bit! The next time sex can be enjoyed after 3-5 days.

If the partner is inexperienced, you should think about protection. First sex relationship for the guy is an as significant event as the first time the girl, so he must also be well prepared. It is advisable to visit a specialist and get the right advice. The first experience of man can lead to undesirable consequences, and we should treat it very carefully. Because for men often the first time hurts.

After the first sex should visit a gynecologist and make sure health is in order.

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