What are the topics men shouldn't discuss on a first date?

Do you know what are the general mistakes men make choosing the topics for a conversation on the first date? Read this article to know!

first date

The first date is considered the start of relationships. Numbers of men are usually worried before and during this event, that’s why they make mistakes, making stupid mistakes. The principle of the first date is to get know the girl enough to decide whether take her or not to take her on the second date.
There are some topics you should avoid during the first date not to make a woman feel uncomfortable.


first date

Nowadays politics is one of the main reasons why people argue. You should never start new relationships with discussing the politic background in the country. And the reason is not only she may appear to experience the views that differ from yours. Do not forger, that discussing politics is “mauvais ton” in most of the countries during any type of meeting for the first time.
So avoid this topic, even if she starts talking about it.

Your ex-girlfriend

ex-girlfriend first date

This is too obvious to be mentioned. However, some guys don’t understand that talking about your old girl with a new one might make her feel really bizarre. If you talk about your exes, it means that you are not ready to move on. You will never find someone who will agree to date such person.
On the other hand, women always analyze such type of things, which means if you tell how bad your ex was, you might tell the same things about her in the future.

Your background

first date past

She doesn’t have to know the circumstances of your life and the things you’ve been through until she officially becomes your girlfriend and gets your trust. Do not tell her how crazy your family is, as she might think the same of you.
Do not ever tell her the stories of the pet that you had in the childhood.
In addition, she might find it too boring and you will lose her attention. When you lose it, getting it back might be a big problem.

Your sex preferences

first date sex talk

When a guy starts talking about sex positions and other stuff with a girl that barely knows him, she can only associate him with one simple word. Pervert.
Do not ever talk about such things on the first date; this mistake might become a total failure of your plans. Besides, she may think that you are trying to get her into bed on the first date and even if she thought about it earlier, this won’t happen.

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first date religion

For some of the people this theme is very essential, as they only want to date someone from their confession. Anyway, religion is something you should not talk about on the first date.
What is the difference when you like her? Just enjoy conversations about the music you like, movies, literature, anything. And if you later discover that her religion is in some ways opposite to yours, you won’t even care about it.


first date children

If you are not single parents, don’t talk about children and starting a family. First of all, it’s strange. Second, when you start talking about such things, it might seem that you’re taking it too fast. It will only scare her.
And even if you feel that she’s the only one, do not ever show her your intentions. Make sure she falls in love with you, and then you might risk telling her things like that.


first date salary

People who talk about their salary seem to be greedy and nobody likes them. Talking about your cool job and the money you make won’t impress her. It will make her not to see you ever again.
Also, these conversations make people feel uncomfortable and even humiliate them. So think twice if you want to insist on paying for dinner and to tell her about your revenues by the way.

Even though these advices might seem too obvious to you, millions of men make mistakes on the first days, without even realizing it. So just be honest and speak of things you like and don’t forget to ask questions, women love it.

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