What are Top 15 things every woman wants in relationship?

What does every woman want in relationship? How to save perfect relationship with your woman? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about relationships here!

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We give 15 wise tips for a man who wants to build and save perfect relationship with his woman. Your relationship goals are worth fighting for!

In the beginning of the relationships every woman is willing to see perfect romance, like in movies. She wants to get messages from you, like: ‘Good morning, my love!’, ‘Good night’, ‘I miss you’ and especially ‘I love you’. Gils love small romantic things: meeting sunset together, small but cute presents, etc.

A lot of boys and men do not know what women want from men, it is because of this variety of misunderstandings occur, both in the family and in relationships. Of course, the psychology of men and women is significantly different from each other, but if men learn to understand women, this will allow them to find the best women for themselves.

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But what if you get build a good relationship, there was a romance, you’ve been dating for some time, but something starts to change? She does not seem so in love like before and you do not feel right. Different couples have different relationship problems. But what are the most common? What things are desirable for every woman in relationship? Check up top 15 tips for man to improve your relationships with a beloved woman:

1. Treat her right. Never stop to take care of your beloved. Never stop to fight for her attention. When you asked her to marry you, you promise to take hold of her heart and constantly take care of it. This is the most important and cherished treasure entrusted to you. She chose you. Never forget about it and never be lazy in love.

2. Love yourself. Take care of your own heart. You should keep her heart, but also don't forget to keep an eye on your own. Love yourself, open to the outer world and love and enjoy it, but in your heart there must be a special place, which will be close for everybody, except your wife. Always be ready to call her there and do not let anyone or anything go there, except her.

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3. Romance. Fall in love with her again and again. You will be always changing with years. You are not like at your wedding day, and after a couple of years you will not the same as you are now. Changes will certainly come, so every day you should choose each other again and again. She do not have to be and stay with you, and if you can not save her heart, she will give it to someone else, or just will close it for you, and perhaps you will never have a chance to get it back. So encourage her love all the time, use romance, as in the period when you just began dating her.

4. Positive. Always look at her best features. Focus only on things you love in her. If you concentrate on something annoys you, you will see nothing but the reason for terrible irritation. And when you focus on what you love, your love will overflow you. So concentrate till there is nothing but love, then you don't feel any shadow of a doubt that you are the happiest person in the world because this woman is yours. Also this technique helps to get rid of negativity and different irritation in relationship.

5. Understanding. It is not your goal to change or correct her. Your goal is to love her as much as it is possible, without expecting that she will change one day.   

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6. Trust. Do not lie to her. Once you lie you can lose her trust for ever. It’s almost certain that this relationship will not continue for long. And she may leave you very soon. Do you want to lose your beloved woman? Well, then do not lie.

7. Love. The next point that men should not forget - a woman wants love. The real, profound and lifelong.  The majority of women coming to psychologist have problems, but not the lack of money or sex. Most problems are connected with the lack of love in a relationship, the lack of harmony and understanding, the cooling of relations, etc.

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8. Money. We should not deny that ladies want money from men. This is very natural, because by nature a man brings prey to his house, and as the hostess, woman is the true mistress of all that a husband brings into the house and of a husband himself. A guy does not always get this and so now men and women need completely different things. Start to learn all the laws of nature and you’ll discover all the secrets of reasons why that it happens in the world.

9. Protection. By nature man is a protector, a hunter, a person, who brings his all prey into the house to the woman. And accordingly, some instinct is still there, so women want the basic protection of men, both emotional and physical.

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10. Getting married. Are you surprised? Well, I think not. Most of women want to get married and change their relationship status. It’s like working for long years and get a promotion. It’s like a result of her long and difficult work. If you love her and you are together for a long time, don’t wait for some divine sign. Marry her.  

11. Attention. Romance, messages, talking all day long, spending time together looking only at her… That sounds nice for most women. Wherever you are whatever you do, don’t forget she is near. Pay attention to her! Or she will remind you she is here with a kind of a scandal or a quarrel. She just wants you to notice her!

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12. A woman is a woman. She wants to be weak sometimes, to cry on your shoulder, to watch cartoons or take a puppy from the street – let her. Let her be a weak cute creature with a good heart. You are a man in this couple - strong, attentive, reasonable and responsible. Do not put your responsibilities on her. She has already enough of her own.

13. Domination. Every woman would love to have a man, who solves all her problems! Any girl wants to plunge into the arms of a loved one, knowing that he is her support, love and hope. And most importantly, remember that a man should solve the problems of woman, rather than create the new ones.

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14. Intrigue. For a girl in a relationship it is important to feel subtle, hidden depth. Trust, confidence, peace of mind, but at the same time - the emotion and the feeling that everything is just beginning, it is important to have some intrigue – this is what the lady wants to see in her relationship. A girl should feel that she is loved, protected and someone is waiting for her. Relationship advice: to make her surprised time-to-time: going to the cinema, romantic dinner, sending flowers to her work and others.

15. Man, be a man.  Indeed, every woman wants (all she wants from a guy in general) that the man she has chosen, is a man and remains a man. Then your woman will be a woman and all in a relationship or your family get better, stays in harmony. After all, everyone has exactly as much as he really wants. As long as you do not change yourself, none around changes, since everything is within you, in your own mind and imagination.

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Different relationship questions and problems may be solved due to communication and compromise. Every woman is different, so talk to yours and find the best way to become happy together. Every man can find the key to a woman's heart; the main thing is to want it. Don’t forget: if you wish to change something and make it better – it means that it’s possible.


also every woman must also know what to talk about in a relationship

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Irrespective of your relationship status, here are a few conversation tips that can help both of you understand each other and create new exciting conversations that can keep the relationship alive even when it doesn’t involve love and mush.

# Daily individual lives

Talk about each other’s daily events and activities. It can help both of you understand more about each other’s lives. Most couples ignore these conversations and end up drifting away from each other in no time.

# Movies and TV shows

Movies and television shows are perfect conversation makers for all couples. They provide for hours of gossiping and interesting conversations with a fresh perspective every day.

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