What are top reasons why women leave men?

Want to know why women leave their men? Check out this article to find the top reasons of breakups and divorces!

why women leave men

People’s relationships is a hard concept. Especially, the family life. It is a union that requires hard psychological work from both, the man and the woman. But sometimes these unions are not strong enough, and nowadays the divorce or a banal breakup is a simple thing. Of course, women leave men more often and it has a lot of reasons.

Let’s observe the main reasons why women leave men!

Lack of attention

why women leave men

The woman is a creature that permanently needs an attention. The majority of men become less attentive to their loved ones after the marriage.
The presents or just the buckets of flowers practically disappear. They become something that requires the reason to be presented: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc.
Without an attention from husband or boyfriend women start feeling unneeded and leave their partners.


why women leave men

Unfortunately, sometimes men in marriage search the satisfaction in alcohol. For most of the men marriage is a big stress. And the bottle of wine or whiskey is the only way for them to manage this stress.
Alcoholism is a big issue in many countries. Women try to save their loved ones from this spirt monster, but in the majority of situations this battle is lost before its beginning.

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Feelings for another man

why women leave men

It’s hard to find a cheeting woman, it’s practically impossible. But sometimes we meet someone who is destined for us, already being in a legal union with someone.
When the woman understands that her feelings for the husband of for her boyfriend were false, in most of the situations she will manage to breakup first and only then start a life with someone else.
But it doesn’t mean that women don’t cheat on men, we are all equal and the mistakes we make are similar to each other.

Men’s cheating

why women leave men

Maybe, from all the reasons exposed earlier this one is on the top of them.
It’s the most banal happening in broken marriages. Some of the men separate the feelings and the pleasure. Well, at least they think so.
The principal “love is a trip, but sex is a sport” is the most often delusion of men. Sometimes it’s hard for them to understand that spiritual processes in our minds have to be over our physical desires.

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