What boyfriends should do and what they shouldn't?

Okay, ladies. What boyfriends should not do for their girlfriends? Make fun of her face, body, and clothes. Seriously. DON’T. What else? A few facts will be mentioned from should do list also. Let us start.


There is no single answer to the question, what should be the ideal boyfriend. Tastes differ. Some want the wealthy and beautiful, while others need only affection and devotion, but you can display small pattern to determine women's happiness in relationships.

What boyfriends should do for their girlfriends? What are the secrets of strong relationships? What boyfriends should not do? Let us find the answers to these questions step by step.

What should be the perfect guy? Below find a boyfriend should and should not do list.

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All the troubles come from alcohol.

A boyfriend should not drink a lot. Hence the scandals, quarrels, infidelity. Of course to meet such in our time is difficult.

Self organization.

Your boyfriend should be able to take responsibility and make decisions. Still, the role of men in this life is to protect and to solve different problems.


A boyfriend should always feel when you feel bad; it is okay to react to a change of mood, little whims, etc



A boyfriend should not be too focused on his appearance. He should be a team-worker and think about his close lady. In a serious relationship, the word WE comes first.


A boyfriend should have basic knowledge of etiquette and rules of propriety, or so would be a shame to go through life. Or rather the first year or two, it's not noticeable, but if you want to build with him a serious plan, pay attention.



Every boyfriend should do this. The guy should be master of spontaneous invitations about travel, cafes, movies. It needs to undertake most of these responsibilities for household entertainment.


A boyfriend is obliged to be sympathetic to many women's actions. Such as short temper, nervousness, etc. He should be able to control himself, but on the other hand, you should not give him cause to be nervous.



Among things your boyfriend should not do is possessing a lot of money. If it is your priority, then you will be upset. Money does not make happiness. If the financial aspect for your is everything, then ask yourself one question — what you have to offer him in return?


Hard worker.

Your boyfriend needs to work hard to provide his family. To make himself and his future family independent,

This is the main criteria, what a boyfriend should and should not do.

No must have as for a car and own apartment.

And if suddenly you meet a guy and have a warm feeling in your chest — you know it's yours. Intuition does not deceive you, stay with him.

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